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Optimizing Business Communications with Avaya


Avaya is an American multinational technology company specializing in business communications, contact center and services.

Business Challenge

Avaya set to transform enterprise unified communications within the digital workplace. Their secret weapon – an engagement development platform called Avaya Breeze. This platform shifts Unified Communications from an application into a set of capabilities that can be integrated into other applications. While not a new concept, existing telephony integration platforms required a high level of network and technical expertise integrating with different telephony systems.

Technical Challenge

Avaya Breeze allows software developers and business analysts to create communications enabled applications with their unique business logic. But real-time communications require extreme performance and scale. Traditional databases and data stores could not handle millions of parallel interactions across channels.


Avaya partnered with GigaSpaces to integrate InsightEdge Smart Cache into Avaya Breeze. Every Avaya customer installation of Breeze is powered by Smart Cache, enabling enterprises to ingest their unique business logic into their unified communications.

Avaya Breeze Snap-ins for Developers

Diagram: Avaya Breeze Architecture powered by InsightEdge Smart Cache

Some examples of Avaya applications powered by InsightEdge Smart Cache include:

Oceana Context store: taps into customer databases and gathers information from multiple sources to instantly select the best agent for serving customers

Oceana Workspaces: an agent desktop application that combines customer data for agents to optimize customer interactions, such as viewing customer past interactions

Oceana Customer Journey Maps: present a 360 degree view of the customer experience across the timeline, showing past calls, emails, web and social interactions.


  • Number of supported operations per hour increased 10X
  • Contact centers can route customers in real-time to the best automated or live agent, leveraging data in customer databases
  • Agents get real-time guidance to best address the customer situation
  • Customer journey maps shows a 360 degrees view of the customer experience
  • Thousands of instances installed at enterprises worldwide