Scalable Backbone for Credit Services

Case Studies

Scalable Backbone for Credit Services

A Top 3 US & Multinational Bank Reduces Mainframe Costs by $20 Million


A leading American multinational investment bank and financial services company

Business Challenge

The bank wanted to increase computing power so that risk, credit and other analytical and transactional calculations could be done faster – without spending millions of dollars adding more processors and storage devices to its data centers. They required:

  • An always-on credit service that is easy to use and access with low-latency response times for a superb customer experience from any device
  • A solution to reduce queries from mainframe, to lower TCO
  • Greater agility to deliver new applications


Technical Challenge

  • Millisecond business requirements
  • Mission critical availability
  • Elastic scalability
  • Serving multiple applications



GigaSpaces in-memory real-time data and analytics platform delivered a seamless, always-on, millisecond response times for a superb customer experience from any device.

  • Reduced architectural complexity
  • Seamlessly integrated with existing mainframe
  • Provided elastic scalability for growing and peak loads
  • Microservices architecture powered fast-to-market modern services



  • 35+ Million customers access service per day from any device
  • 640 million transactions per day, burstable up to 1 billion transactions per day.
  • Millisecond response for excellent customer experience
  • Reduction of queries to their mainframe, reducing MIPS usage and costs by over $20M a year
  • No Downtime since deployment