Booking and Flight Availability

Case Studies

Booking and Flight Availability


A global specialist in air transport communications and information technology, providing real-time flight availability and forecasting services to 400 air transport members.

The Challenge

The company has various internal systems including Reservation, Shopping, and eCommerce applications. They are also using an open API to external systems: Airlines, Global Distribution Systems (GDS) and BOTs (automated searching). The constant growth in customer transactions requires scaling the infrastructure to support higher volumes while retaining super fast response time for an enhanced customer experience. However, vertical scaling was approaching its limits in terms of CPU and Memory, while horizontal scaling was cost prohibitive.


The company implemented InsightEdge Smart Cache to power its flight availability platform. Smart Cache enables them near linear scalability to support peak volumes, with 99.999% availability.


  • Querying and analytics response time in < 5 milliseconds latency
  • High Performance with up to 200K transaction per second
  • Near Linear Scalability (100X)
  • Increase throughput by 7X and reduce network overhead by 10%