Senior Software Engineer (IL)

Senior Software Engineer (IL)

GigaSpaces provides the fastest in-memory computing platform for actionable real-time insight based on high performance and ultra-low latency extreme transactional processing and ML analytics.

GigaSpaces is a fast growing startup, serving many of the world’s largest and most innovative enterprises

If you are passionate, self-learner and highly motivated about data analytics and data management – your place is with us  –  a group of multidisciplinary software engineers who span from highly concurrent Java and Scala code at the server side through UI using pure functional language like Elm to devops and integration.

We provide our customers a unique platform containing our product as well as the environment and tools required for provisioning, orchestrating and development.

We foster an ongoing solutions improvement cycle inspired by our customers feedback and demand for new features.  Our R&Ds’ involvement in direct customer engagements is part of GigaSpaces DNA.

This is a unique opportunity to work at the junction of several cutting edge programming domains: Big Data, Machine Learning, Fast Computing.

As R&D Senior Software Engineer you will be responsible for:

Design, implement and maintain Gigaspaces In Memory Data Grid a cutting edge platform for fast transaction processing combined with big data processing.

Required Experience and Skills:

  • Proficient in  Java programming language with at least 3 years experience
  • Mastering concurrent and parallel programming in any programming language, multi threading coroutines .
  • Strong technical and problem solving skills
  • Deliver results get things done.


  • Knowledge in In-memory distributed solutions, such as: Redis, Apache, Ignite or hazelcast
  • Knowledge in Python or  Scala, Kotlin, Closure, Go and Rust.
  • Knowledge in In-memory distributed solutions, such as: Redis, Apache, Ignite or hazelcast
  • Experience with Big Data Engine like Apache Spark, streams engines like Kafka and NoSQL data (Cassandra, MongoDB, Elastic)
  • Knowledge in Kubernetes and Linux containers.
  • Experience in Cloud environments like AWS & Azure
  • Experience in web programming
  • Knowledge in fields of Java Memory Model and Java multithreading


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer engineering or relevant technical discipline from equivalent academic institution
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