Platform for Mission-Critical Applications on CA AppLogic Grids and Clouds

The unique combination of GigaSpaces Elastic Application Platform integrated with CA AppLogic allows enterprises and MSPs to deploy, run, and scale even the most complex and mission critical Java, .Net and C++ applications on any AppLogic Cloud.




Extreme Performance, Dynamic Scaling, and High Availability

In-memory data grid coupled with elastic app container handles data, business logic and messaging for complete scaling. The result: SLA-driven performance, low latency, continuous availability, and fine-grained multi-tenancy.



Enterprise-Grade Stack of Cloud-Based Services

Elastic caching, elastic map/reduce, data and messaging services, and more. Can be used by any application (Java, .Net, C++), inside and outside the AppLogic environment.


Delivered as an AppLogic Appliance

Packaged and certified as a CA AppLogic Appliance, available from Cloud Commons with affordable, flexible pricing.



Can you provide exceptional cloud performance, even under extreme conditions?

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Easy to Deploy

  1. Download the GigaSpaces AppLogic Appliance from the Cloud Commons Marketplace.

  2. Assemble, Package and Launch the application environment in 3 easy steps

  3. Deploy your code, and you are ready to run your application on the AppLogic cloud!

Functional Architecture



      Elastic In-Memory Data Grid

Supports hundreds of thousands of transactions per second; provides elastic scalability, and bullet-proof reliability for your data.


Data, Processing, & Messaging

Co-location of Data, Code and Messaging

Deployment of business logic and data as a single coherent unit for optimized performance.

Multi-Site Replication

Span multiple AppLogic sites and keep their state synchronized: minimizes latency, enables zero-downtime disaster recovery, and maximizes resource utilization.


HTTP Session High Availability

Backing the HTTP session with the data grid for robust and high performance session handling.

CA AppLogic

The appliance leverages CA AppLogic's advanced infrastructure virtualization technologies, orchestration, automation, and resource metering capabilities.



Additional XAP Key Features



Auto-Scale, Your Way

Automatic scaling of your application services based on our-of-the-box or custom metrics.



Automatic Self-Healing

Automatic re-instantiation of failed data grid of application instances to maintain consistent SLAs under any condition.


Cluster-Aware Monitoring & Management

Pluggable monitoring, custom alerts, and application-aware monitoring console. 

Same Data, Any API

GigaSpaces XAP promotes openness and interoperability, supporting all common interfaces for accessing data, such as Memcached, JPA, JMS,Document, and a native object-oriented API. Choose the best API for the case at hand, and then operate on the same data regardless of the APIs you have chosen. This significantly decreases  the learning curve for adopting XAP, as organizations can use their existing knowledge base to embrace new technologies.   





Platform for Mission-Critical Applications on CA AppLogic Grids and Clouds