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Modernizing modernization: Why this time it’s different

By |January 18, 2022|

Let’s face it: modernization is getting long in the tooth. While modernization only became popular in the last decade or so, enterprises have been conducting legacy modernization and application modernization projects ever since the first RPG and COBOL apps were deployed. Naturally, no business wants to be left in [...]

Digital Integration Hub (DIH): A Digital Transformation Game changer

By |December 26, 2021|

This article provides key highlights from our ‘Introduction to DIH’ webinar series. For the complete information on the new DIH concept and architecture we invite you to register to watch the full webinar on-demand here. Data nowadays is taking center stage in the business world. Decision-makers have realized that [...]

Financial Institutions & their 4 Transformational Integration Hurdles: Digital Integration Hub to the rescue

By |December 2, 2021|

There’s a reason why banks are the exemplary institutions at the forefront of any serious enterprise integration discussion -- and there’s a good reason why they’re held up as either success stories or cautionary tales. Forget the ROI calculations of adapting and adopting. With nearly every aspect of their [...]

How a Next Generation Operational Data Store (ODS) Drives Digital Transformation

By |November 11, 2021|

In a previous blog post, we discussed the rising concept of what Gartner has coined a Digital Integration Hub (DIH). In fact, many people view the DIH as an evolved Operational Data Store (ODS) for historical reasons. In this post, we’ll explore the origin of the ODS, and its [...]

How Do Chief Digital Officers Promote Transformation? By Rethinking Integration

By |October 5, 2021|

This is a guest post by Jason English (@bluefug), Principal Analyst, Intellyx In business, waiting for change is no longer in style. Today’s enterprise has an endless fascination with achieving innovative new capabilities that will provide a competitive advantage -- as well as a short attention span when it comes [...]

Digital Integration Hub: The Architecture of Digital Transformation

By |July 27, 2021|

For most businesses, the road to digital transformation has been a bumpy one, with non-unified data stores and multiple systems of record implemented over the years due to ongoing business requirements. Digital transformations are never easy and even more challenging than traditional change efforts. Without the proper planning and analysis [...]