GigaSpaces 14.5 Release: The BI to AI Inflection Point

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InsightEdge Platform and XAP 14.5 When W. Edwards Deming, the father of the quality evolution, said “In God we trust; all others bring data,” he was referring to the need for descriptive and diagnostic analytics, which statisticians used for quality management and continuous improvement. This trend has evolved to more [...]

Higher Performance, Scalability and Smarter Real-Time Insights are Powering Today’s Insight Driven Organizations

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2018,  was a year of innovation, efficiency and agility as data generation continues to grow at unprecedented rates and the world simply becomes faster and indeed smarter.  The year proved that the need for speed and scale is escalating, and meaningful artificial intelligence (AI) and ML deployments are beginning to [...]

InsightEdge Platform and XAP 14.0: Embracing Simplicity for Smarter, Faster Insights to Action

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I’m almost sure that when Da Vinci said “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” he wasn’t speaking about real-time AI, machine learning and transactional processing. And yet his words are ever so relevant when we think about overcoming the complexities of big data and analytics that enterprises are facing today. Our [...]

GigaSpaces and Intel Close Memory-Storage Gap to Accelerate Data Processing and Analytics

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GigaSpaces’ XAP In-Memory Computing Platform Integrates with New Intel® SSDs GigaSpaces today announced its collaboration with Intel to integrate and benchmark its IMC solutions with Intel® Optane™ SSDs and NVMe SSDs. The integration creates a distributed data fabric that can store data across RAM and SSDs transparently, accelerating access to data [...]

Why We Need a New Breed of a Hybrid Microservices Platform

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Many enterprises have been using both monolithic and Microservices architectures, side by side, for their IT needs. Each architecture has its own benefits and challenges, yet neither one provides an all around solution to modern day IT challenges which demand high performance without compromising on the decoupling and agility offered [...]