Webinar: Guarantee your e-Commerce site’s uptime next Black Friday.

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Join us for a webinar on how to Dynamically Scale your E-Commerce Business. In today's fast-paced e-commerce industry, every minute of downtime translates to money lost. E-Commerce companies just can't afford any glitches -- especially during the traffic-heavy holiday season.   Ron Anderson, Director of Architecture at GigaSpaces, will be joined  by Jason Abate, [...]

Last Chance to Sign Up for our Cloudify Product Demo

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Registration is still open! Sign up today and learn how to quickly and seamlessly on-board your mission-critical apps to the cloud, with Cloudify, and see a live product demo presented by Uri Cohen, VP Product Management.   Introduction to Cloudify & Product Demo Join us for a Webinar Wednesday, November [...]

IT Saving Costs Webinar – Wednesday, January 14, 2009

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For those of you who haven't already heard about our upcoming webinar, Saving Costs with Virtualization - Tips from the Experts on January 14, we would like to invite you to join us in this interactive session given by Nati Shalom, GigaSpaces CTO. About the webinar This webinar will focus on trends and real [...]

Enterprise Data Grid and Excel

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At the latest annual event of the Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT) Nati Shalom talked about different trends in grid technology and how simplicity of the grid is key for enabling the adoption of grid technologies in mainstream applications. In his presentation Nati also shows how easy it is [...]

Project Creator Demo: tutorial (Webcast -no sound)

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I have created a webcast tutorial that should prove instructive to those seeking to utilize the projectcreator utility.

It demonstrates how to create the scripts, get the jar, build a simple application and run it.

It is my hope this will encourage more successful use of this tool and of the OpenSpaces platform.

Note that the webcast moves very quickly so you may want to ready the pause button to catch all the details. . . uh.. "there is no pause button..."
Sorry. Let me know if it is unusable the way it is.

You can watch the webcast by clicking the following link: projectcreator_tutorial_noSound

Remember: project-creator is *not* supported by GigaSpaces, but OpenSpaces and GigaSpaces are.

: )

--if you have questions regarding the use of the GigaSpaces core services or the OpenSpaces Spring abstraction layer, check out the award-winning documentation found: here .

And if you still have concerns, you can register with the online users forum and post them to the GigaSpaces Forum.