Accelerating Data Lakes for Faster, Smarter Insights

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We’re Living in a Data-Driven Eravoic Today, most organizations are focused on becoming data-driven, as they try to take advantage of data lake technologies, streaming and associated technologies for the processing of data in motion. This drive to become data-driven means increasing investments in data processing, analytics and machine learning [...]

How to Simplify and Accelerate Analytics and Machine Learning on Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid Environments with GigaSpaces and Red Hat

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Obtaining real-time insights and acting on them within a critical time frame, at scale and across any environment is a challenge for many enterprises. “Few (Enterprises) have embedded AI into standard operating processes in multiple business units or functions, and about one-third are only piloting the use of AI.” McKinsey [...]

The One Up-and-Coming Microservices Solution to Know About

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Implementing a real-life enterprise grade system can be tricky. Although over the years the microservices methodology has evolved to deliver agility, simplicity, and flexibility, it still lacks the ability to truly deliver low latency, massive throughput, and handle large amounts of volume. Furthermore, real-time microservices requires the ability to structure [...]