Optimizing the Balance Between Performance and Cost with GigaSpaces v15.8

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Latest release significantly reduces memory footprint and infrastructure costs, and boosts digital application performance.  2020 has been a tough year all around. With tight budgets and limited resources, enterprises are looking to optimize infrastructure TCO. At the same time, they are looking to accelerate digital transformation. According to the 2021 [...]

Is 2021 the Year of the Cloud?

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IDC says that by 2022, more than 90 percent of enterprises worldwide will rely on a mix of on-premises or dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs. The report also predicts that a rising desire by companies to mitigate future disruptions by being [...]

How to Combat Fraud in Banking

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Guest post by Christian Villumsen, Senior Advisor at 2021.ai Fraud is a growing problem across many industries and banking is certainly no exception. Whether internal or external, all banking institutions should be aware of the potential risks as well as sources of fraud within their organizations. That being said, with [...]

How a Smart Operational Data Store (ODS) Drives Digital Transformation

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In a previous blog post, we discussed the rising concept of what Gartner has coined a Digital Integration Hub (DIH). In fact, many people view the DIH as an evolved Operational Data Store (ODS) for historical reasons. In this post, we’ll explore the origin of the ODS, and its evolution [...]

How to Get Ready for Black Friday & Cyber Monday – A CTO’s Perspective from Roger Forsberg, PriceRunner CTO

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The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented, profound and lasting impact on the economy, rapidly accelerating the transition from brick and mortar to digital services, especially retail and eCommerce. Black Friday, originally known for its door-busting crowds rushing at big-box retailers, now has become a pay-by-click digital affair, with most [...]

Digital Integration Hub: The Architecture of Digital Transformation

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For most businesses, the road to digital transformation has been a bumpy one, with non-unified data storage systems and multiple systems of record implemented through the years due to ongoing business requirements. Digital transformations are never easy and even more challenging than traditional change efforts. Without the proper planning and [...]

The Impact of Covid-19 on TCO, Technology Requirements & Investments

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Back in May, we hosted a live panel discussion “The Impact of Covid-19 on Technology Requirements & Investments” with our partners Magnus Poromaa, CEO of S04IT, Frédéric Warin, Enterprise Architect at Capgemini, and GigaSpaces’ Yoav Einav, VP Product, and Uri Zilberman, Partners & Alliances Director.  The main topic of discussion [...]

Challenges and Considerations for Architecting Machine Learning Infrastructure

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Machine learning model requires unique architectural considerations compared to other IT infrastructure. Consider these challenges and ways to overcome them to succeed.

Smart Cache for Smart Business Operations: How American Airlines Accelerated Their Dynamic Crew Management Service by 3X

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American Airlines’ mega-merger with US Airways created the largest airline company in the world. It also created an IT nightmare. The combined entity had to handle 92% higher passenger volumes, dozens of new airports, and tens of thousands of new crew members-- all of this while relying on mainframe legacy [...]

Simplifying and Scaling your Hybrid and Multicloud Deployment Strategies with GigaSpaces v15.5

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Self-service, automatic microservices deployment on any environment with no downtime The digital transformation journey is leading our customers down a road to optimized development and deployment strategies; a road dominated by trends including cloud, microservices, and automation that provide benefits of simplicity, scalability and agility. This road, however, can indeed [...]

The New Reality: Business Continuity in the Times of COVID-19

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In today’s new world order, the most obvious threat is no longer weapons of mass destruction or climate change, but rather a virus. Some are even speculating that compared to the 2008 global economic crisis, dubbed a financial heart attack, this one might be a full-body seizure. It’s a scenario [...]

Accelerating Data Lakes for Faster, Smarter Insights

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We’re Living in a Data-Driven Eravoic Today, most organizations are focused on becoming data-driven, as they try to take advantage of data lake technologies, streaming and associated technologies for the processing of data in motion. This drive to become data-driven means increasing investments in data processing, analytics and machine learning [...]

How to Simplify and Accelerate Analytics and Machine Learning on Cloud, On-premise and Hybrid Environments with GigaSpaces and Red Hat

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Obtaining real-time insights and acting on them within a critical time frame, at scale and across any environment is a challenge for many enterprises. “Few (Enterprises) have embedded AI into standard operating processes in multiple business units or functions, and about one-third are only piloting the use of AI.” McKinsey [...]

The One Up-and-Coming Microservices Solution to Know About

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Implementing a real-life enterprise grade system can be tricky. Although over the years the microservices methodology has evolved to deliver agility, simplicity, and flexibility, it still lacks the ability to truly deliver low latency, massive throughput, and handle large amounts of volume. Furthermore, real-time microservices requires the ability to structure [...]