Hadoop vs. Spark: Debunking the Myth

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What is The difference Between Hadoop And Spark? Hadoop and Spark are different platforms, each implementing various technologies that can work separately and together. Consequently, anyone trying to compare one to the other can be missing the larger picture. Like any technology, both Hadoop and Spark have their benefits and [...]

Flight Delay Prediction with InsightEdge Spark

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What's the benefit of flight delay prediction? For clients, it gives a more accurate expectation about flight time, thus allowing them to plan their time accordingly. For airline companies, it shows where they can minimize flight delays ,thereby minimizing expenses and increasing customers satisfaction. Sounds good right? In this post we will show [...]

Real-time Spatial Analytics with InsightEdge Spark: Taxi Price Surge Use Case

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A couple of weeks ago we launched InsightEdge, introducing you to our high performance Spark distribution enterprise-grade OLTP capabilities. In this blog post, we will create a demo application for a taxi price surge use case that runs real-time analytics on a streaming geospatial data. We take a fundamental supply and demand [...]

InsightEdge 1.0 GA: Real-Time Insights, Actionable Analytics

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In the modern digital enterprise, business insights must happen in real time. Many of the applications we want to gain insight from and to optimize generate a deluge of data at very high throughput and micro intervals--business transactions, geospatial coordinates, device sensors, click-stream attributes. The types of data, just like [...]

The InsightEdge Vision: Connecting Analytics to Impact

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Data is born fast, but its insight value is often short-lived. It’s a challenge that many enterprises seeking to seize business moments are trying to solve. Whether it’s a financial services firm building a fraud detection system, a telecommunication provider alerting its users of extra charges based on location, or [...]