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No to SQL? Anti-database movement gains steam My Take

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Eric Lai published a provoking article on Computerworld magazine titled “No to SQL? Anti-database movement gains steam” where he pointed to many references in which different Internet-based companies chose an alternative approach to the traditional SQL database. The write-up was...

JavaOne 2009 Lab – PetClinic in the Clouds

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This year JavaOne will include really cool lab - PetClinic in the Clouds: Scaling a Classic Enterprise Application. In this Hands-on Lab, participants will take a popular Web application (the Spring PetClinic sample application) and modify it so that it can be deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. [...]

Designing a Scalable Twitter

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Guy Nirpaz, Uri Cohen and Shay Banon came up with an interesting exercise as part of the recent partner training that took place at the GigaSpaces office. In this exercise, the students were asked to come up with a scalable...

Ultra-Scalable and Blazing-Fast: The Sun Fire x4450-Intel 7460-GigaSpaces XAP Platform – 1.8 million operations/sec!

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Introduction Over the past several years highly concurrent applications have faced some serious challenges when trying to scale on multi core machines. GigaSpaces scale-out-application server aims to solve this problem by freeing the user from dealing with the need to handle concurrency while building his distributed application. For the last [...]

Getting ready for the cloud

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In the past few months, I have been speaking in various conferences about cloud computing.In my presentations, I tried to focus primarily on how one can take practical steps to benefit from the cloud today. To illustrate my points, I...

Daniel Gradecak’s Blog-Are JavaSpaces recognized?

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I’ve been reading this nice post from Daniel Gradecak's blogs. He is asking interesting questions about how architects building their systems and how JavaSpaces and SBA are used when designing distributed systems. See my comment as a feedback to his questions. Thank you Daniel for this post! Shay

Reducing latency with Sun Real Time JVM

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Frederic Pariente Engineering Manager at Sun Microsystems posted an interesting summary of a case study with GigaSpaces on Sun blog: Gigaspaces curbs latency outliers with Java Real TimeIn the context of a customer proof-of-concept this summer and in the light...

Data agregation pattern for effective monitoring

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In my previous post I wrote about two patterns for using a GigaSpaces cluster to solve some of the issues involved in managing distributed applications: Using the space as a scalable alternative to a directory service. With this approach each...

Scalable, Low Latency Web Tier on Amazon EC2

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Shay Hassidim, deputy CTO at GigaSpaces, posted an impressive write-up of a benchmark the team ran on Amazon EC2. What's nice about it is that they took a standard web app, in this case the Spring PetClinic, and dropped it...