XAP 6.0.2 – lessons learned

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Last Monday we released XAP 6.0.2. This is the second service pack release on top of XAP 6.0, which we released in August. The adoption rate of XAP is exceeding all of our expectations, making us work very hard to address many requirements coming from...

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas – and online:)

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For those who couldn't attend TheServerSide JavaSymposium event in Vegas a few weeks ago, you can find the presentation I gave together with GigaSpaces Senior Architect Shay Banon I also participated in a panel on High-Performance Architectures. It was moderated by my good friend John Davies, Technical Director, IONA ; [...]

When you need more than just a Data Grid

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Last week I had the pleasure of spending half a day with the senior architects of one of the leading infrastructure software vendors. They are looking into embedding our product as a caching solution (aka Data Grid) for their next generation product lines. When we went through the list of [...]

SBA and J2EE Positioning Clarification

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When people first hear about Space-Based Architecture (SBA) one of their immediate reactions is - "Is it a replacement for J2EE?" Since J2EE is not necessarily only one thing (especially not today with all the recent developments in the likes of Spring, POJO's etc.) my answer is that SBA is [...]