Moving away from Mainframe to Commodity – How?

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Moving away from Mainframe to Commodity - How? Mainframe (Z/OS) based systems running COBOL programs are legacy systems in many organizations. These are planned to be replaced with low cost commodity servers running Java or .Net based systems, saving the cost of the expensive mainframe MIPS and COBOL-based development. Using [...]

Is Your Data Really Secured?

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Security has always been one of those topics that we as developers or architects hate to deal with. Our ideal world would be that security is dealt with at some higher level in our data-center, and that we don't need...

The Master-Worker Pattern

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The Master-Worker Pattern (sometimes called Master-Slave pattern) is used for parallel processing. It follows a simple approach that allows applications to perform simultaneous processing across multiple machines or processes via a Master and multiple Workers. In GigaSpaces XAP, you can implement the Master-Worker pattern using several methods: - Task Executors [...]

JavaOne 2009 Lab – PetClinic in the Clouds

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This year JavaOne will include really cool lab - PetClinic in the Clouds: Scaling a Classic Enterprise Application. In this Hands-on Lab, participants will take a popular Web application (the Spring PetClinic sample application) and modify it so that it can be deployed on the Amazon EC2 cloud computing infrastructure. [...]

Daniel Gradecak’s Blog-Are JavaSpaces recognized?

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I’ve been reading this nice post from Daniel Gradecak's blogs. He is asking interesting questions about how architects building their systems and how JavaSpaces and SBA are used when designing distributed systems. See my comment as a feedback to his questions. Thank you Daniel for this post! Shay

Event listener container abstraction for .NET

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GigaSpaces XAP.NET 6.6.2 comes with out of the box event listener container abstraction that decouples the business logic implementation from the underlying data grid implementation. This allows simpler and faster processing unit implementation, without having to implement the event triggering logic by your self. For those of you who are [...]

GigaSpaces XAP 6.5/6.6 new releases

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GigaSpaces 6.5 was released at the end of June, and we are now working on the 6.6 release, with the first milestone already publicly available. These are major milestones in a series of upcoming releases all aimed at strengthening our...

Parting the Clouds

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I haven't posted in a long time, but today I came back with a bang. The uber-blog GigaOm posted a blog I wrote as a guest columnist. Thanks to Om Malik, Surj Patel and Carolyn Pritchard for all their help....

When virtualization meets SOA

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There have been many separate discussions about SOA and virtualization. Only a few addressed how they relate to each other. Interestingly, while I was working on this post, Geva Perry brought to my attention Judith Hurwitz’s blog - Is Virtualization...

An Open Letter to BEA WebLogic Customers

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Dear BEA WebLogic Customer: As you probably know, Oracle just announced it is acquiring BEA for $8.5 billion. Independent industry analyst Vinnie Mirchandani said about the deal: "Customers, unlike investors, do not have much to cheer." You are now facing a vendor that will put you in one of two [...]

What a year!

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For the past few days I've been trying to write a 2007 summary, but I found this task to be extremely difficult because so many things happened this year on so many fronts. I thought that it would probably be...