Using Selenium at GigaSpaces

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How we integrated our distributed testing framework with Selenium for automating our Web UI testing GigaSpaces XAP – as a distributed application platform and data grid – has some unique and interesting testing requirements. I’d like to explain how we use Selenium to test our upcoming web-based administration console in [...]

Scrum is Infectious

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Today, on my way back from Sweden, I stopped in the Netherlands to visit Tricode, our strategic partner. On the way from the airport we’ve chatted as always, and I realized that they started to implement scrum as well in their projects. This is not t...

New GigaSpaces Podcasts

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We are happy to introduce a new series of podcasts here at GigaSpaces. We've been planning to launch the series for a while now, and we finally got around to start recording. There is no official page yet, but there will be soon with the obvious option to subscribe via [...]

Is Your Development Like Sausages?

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Legend has it that 19th century German statesman Otto von Bismarck once said: "Laws are like sausages, it is better not to see them being made." Well, from my experience in the software business, many times that's also the case...

My Experience with Scrum

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Recently I was asked by one of GigaSpaces’ customers about our experience with Scrum. I thought it would benefit others as well if I publish it here. I have removed the customer‘s name and contacts, but this is what he wrote: Guy, In addit...

We love Scrum at GigaSpaces

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It's been a while since my last post.
In the past few weeks I was very busy in kicking off the plans for GigaSpaces 6.0 due in the 3rd quarter 2007.

In this post I'd like to share with you my personal satisfaction with our decision to adopt Scrum as our product development methodology through 2006.
In few due-diligence I've been involved in the past couple of months with prospects (and now customers) who wanted to understand our development and quality management procedures, the discussion became very interesting when I described the way we implement Scrum at GigaSpaces.

The over-all is very positive. We currently have the spirit of an organization that constantly strives for improvement. Being a winning organization in spirit is not enough. We constantly monitor and measure our productivity and quality. We are able to identify the areas in our processes, collaborations and tools that need improvements. And we do improve those, right away!

For example, we've been working in the past couple of months on upgrading our automated testing framework. I've been assigning five of my top engineers and architects on a project with the objective to provide the development team fast feedback and monitors on quality.
Now we are able to identify specific source commits that either affect the product performance and stability. We identify those and fix them immediately. The turn-around is less than 48 hours of the cycle: code commit, failing test, fixed code and test verification. In 5.2 release, we needed only 3 weeks of stabilization, between feature freeze and the product GA release. Hopefully in 6.0 it will be even shorter than three weeks.

If you like to hear more on this, please drop me a line.