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NoSQL databases provide vast storage and high availability, but at the cost of losing transactions, relational integrity, consistency, and read performance. This post presents an architecture that combines and in-memory datagrid as a high performance transactional layer to a NoSQL database, providing a complete application platform with the high scalability [...]

Class-Based Eviction Strategy: Going Beyond LRU

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Consider you are building a financial back-office trade processing application. Trades are flowing in from the front-office system. To cope with the velocity and volume of the trades you want to use in-memory processing. The trades are usually settled no later than 24 hours from trade execution. These trades objects [...]

Making Hadoop Run Faster

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One of the challenges in processing data is that the speed at which we can input data is quite often much faster than the speed at which we can process it. This problem becomes even more pronounced in the context...

Trade and Event Processing at a Massive Scale – QCon NY 2012

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  Trade and Event Processing at a Massive Scale - QCon NY 2012 Here is Uri Cohen's presentation from his session at QCon NY. Session Abstract: Efficient, low-latency and in-order trade processing has always been at the focus of financial institutions and investment banks. In a world where every millisecond counts, [...]

Architecting Massively-Scalable Near-Real-Time Risk Analysis Solutions

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Recently I held a webinar around architecting solutions for scalable and near-real-time risk analysis solutions based on the experience gathered with our Financial Services customers. In the webinar I also had the honor of hosting Mr. Larry Mitchel, a leading expert in the … Continue reading

Real Time Analytics for Big Data: An Alternative Approach

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Lately, we've been talking to various clients about realtime analytics, and with convenient timing Todd Hoff wrote up how Facebook's realtime analytics system was designed and implemented (See previous review on that regard here). They had some assumptions in design...

Real Time analytics for Big Data: Facebook’s New Realtime Analytics System

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Recently, I was reading Todd Hoff's write-up on FaceBook real time analytics system. As usual, Todd did an excellent job in summarizing this video from Engineering Manager at Facebook Alex Himel, Engineering Manager at Facebook. In this first post, I’d...