Delivering the Ultimate Omnichannel Experience with Unified Transactional and Analytical Processing Platforms

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In today’s “Now Economy”, consumers demand highly relevant and personalized experiences as they interact with brands on a multitude of devices. As their expectations increase, an omnichannel strategy becomes mission-critical for organizations. According to a recent study, 47% of customers would switch to a competitor within a day of a [...]

The 3-Second Rule of eCommerce: How retailers can scale for extreme holiday season traffic

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By Ali Hodroj, Eliza Croen It’s been long known that almost half of a retail website’s shoppers will wait no more than 3 seconds for its content to render before they abandon it. Today, in an omni-channel retailing world where the online and offline channels converge through mobile shopping and [...]

Patterns of Real-time Omni-channel Commerce Architecture

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On any given day, a typical large-scale eCommerce infrastructure is witnessing thousands of transactions happening every second, and a substantial volume of customer data being analyzed and stored. Large volumes of data such as purchasing path history, shopping cart snapshots, and externally integrated profiles are typically persisted in a Big [...]