An Open Letter to BEA WebLogic Customers

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Dear BEA WebLogic Customer: As you probably know, Oracle just announced it is acquiring BEA for $8.5 billion. Independent industry analyst Vinnie Mirchandani said about the deal: "Customers, unlike investors, do not have much to cheer." You are now facing a vendor that will put you in one of two [...] Developer Community Site Launched

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Today we officially launched, a community web site for developers who wish to utilize and contribute to the open source OpenSpaces development framework. OpenSpaces extends the Spring Framework for enterprise Java development, and leverages the GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) for data caching, messaging and as the container for [...]

New GigaSpaces/ Forums

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As part of our ongoing effort to build and serve the fast-growing community around GigaSpaces and OpenSpaces.Org , we've re-launched our discussion forums , using Jive Forums. We have migrated all of the posts from the old forums and simplified the forum structure. So please, check them out . The [...]

GigaSpaces XAP 6.0.2 is Now Available

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We are happy to announce that GigaSpaces XAP on all its editions (XAP , EDG and XAP - Community) is now available in the latest version 6.0.2. XAP 6.0.2 includes quality enhancements in the Core, Service Grid and GigaSpaces Management Center, including new features in the .NET API and the [...]

Oracle Buys Tangosol – GigaSpaces’ Perspective

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Before I give my take on the Oracle-Tangosol acquisition , I want to first send a big congratulation to Cameron and the Tangosol team. This is a great personal achievement and I wish you all the best of luck in your new home. Now to my analysis from a technological [...]