Availability and Consistency in the Presence of Partitions

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The CAP theorem provides system designers with a choice between three guarantees: consistency, availability, and partition tolerance. While partitions are rare, there is an incredible range of flexibility for handling partitions and recovering from them. Thus, our goal is to allow combinations of consistency and availability and not worry about [...]

Cloudify for Azure

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By now, if you’re following GigaSpaces, you should probably have heard about our new Cloudify for Azure offering. In this post I’ll try to provide a high level overview of what this offering is about, how it was conceptualized, and what are its benefits for the end user.  Cloudify – [...]

Ultra-Scalable and Blazing-Fast: The Sun Fire x4450-Intel 7460-GigaSpaces XAP Platform – 1.8 million operations/sec!

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Introduction Over the past several years highly concurrent applications have faced some serious challenges when trying to scale on multi core machines. GigaSpaces scale-out-application server aims to solve this problem by freeing the user from dealing with the need to handle concurrency while building his distributed application. For the last [...]

All you wanted to know about XAP 6.6 in 1 hour

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Hi everyone, Next week, on December 16 @ 9 AM PT/ 12 PM ET/ 6 PM CET, Uri Cohen, our Product Manager, will host an online technical update and a LIVE demo of XAP 6.6. Join us to this webinar and learn from the source about the new and noteworthy [...]

.Net Customer Announcement: Susquehanna (SIG)

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In the past few months we've made several exciting announcements, such as our partnership with SpringSource , the expansion of our executive team, the launch of our community site OpenSpaces.org , the OpenSpaces Developer Challenge and the Start-Up Program . But there is nothing like a customer announcement, as in [...]

An Open Letter to BEA WebLogic Customers

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Dear BEA WebLogic Customer: As you probably know, Oracle just announced it is acquiring BEA for $8.5 billion. Independent industry analyst Vinnie Mirchandani said about the deal: "Customers, unlike investors, do not have much to cheer." You are now facing a vendor that will put you in one of two [...]

Who needs standards anyway?

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There is an interesting debate taking place on InfoQ: What role will the JCP play in Java's future? "Alex Blewitt described the Java Community Process (JCP) as dead, likening it to a headless chicken which "doesn't realise it yet and...

When you need more than just a Data Grid

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Last week I had the pleasure of spending half a day with the senior architects of one of the leading infrastructure software vendors. They are looking into embedding our product as a caching solution (aka Data Grid) for their next generation product lines. When we went through the list of [...]