VBA GSIterator

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VB Space API v1.2 is released.A nice addition to the release is the native support for GSIterator, which enabled reading large sets of data in a manageable manner. The ReadWrite example file includes a usage scenario.-Guy

Realtime Aggregations

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Quartet Financial provide a very appealing product called ActivePivot.ActivePivot offloads pivot calculations and aggregations from the client process to a backend server. It exposes XMLA interface (among others), which means that if you are an Excel u...

GigaSpaces VB API Beta Release

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GigaSpaces VB API version 1.0 is now available under OpenSpaces.org. Up and above some enhancements and stability fixes, the main addition in this release is native notification support for VBA applications.The distribution includes a comprehensive exa...

VB Space API Alfa Release

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An Alfa release of the Space VB API is now available at OpenSpaces.org.There are a number of changes in this build. Main ones are a new installer, a fix for default value in read and take APIs, and a more comprehensive example and documentation pages.Y...

Excel That Scales: The Movie

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Back in June of last year I wrote about our partnership with Microsoft and our plans to work together on a solutions for scaling out computations on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Since then Microsoft and us both released joint material (see...

Enterprise Data Grid and Excel

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At the latest annual event of the Israeli Association of Grid Technologies (IGT) Nati Shalom talked about different trends in grid technology and how simplicity of the grid is key for enabling the adoption of grid technologies in mainstream applications. In his presentation Nati also shows how easy it is [...]