Real-world Insights From Intel and SIG on How to Become Data-driven

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In today’s world of exponential data growth, what matters most is how you discover and implement actionable insights from data. To do this, you need systems that will uncover insights in real-time and drive you to instantly act upon them for achieving impactful business results. Where else but at the [...]

Real-Time Analytics Meets Kubernetes – One Click, Any Cloud, Always-On

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Originally developed by Google, Kubernetes is the open source container cluster manager. Who could have believed back in June 2014, when Kubernetes was first released, that it would become the de facto standard for container orchestration, and the foundation of choice for production cloud-native solutions? Kubernetes is the largest and [...]

GigaSpaces Webinar: Enterprise-Class Real-time Analytics, AI and Extreme Data Processing with Kubernetes

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Learn How to Simplify Management and Container Deployment on Cloud, Hybrid or On-premises Environments This webinar is technical and geared for Architects and Software and DevOps Engineers. In this webinar, GigaSpaces, the provider of InsightEdge, a leading in-memory real-time analytics platform for instant insights to action, will demonstrate support for [...]

9 Sessions to Watch Out For at Strata Data Conference 2018

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AI, fast data, machine learning, GDPR, Spark, real-time analytics - all of your favorite buzzwords discussed and analyzed at one super event! We're talking about the upcoming Strata Data Conference, happening between September 11– 13 in New York City. For those of you not familiar with the conference, it’s basically the [...]

There’s HOAP for the Insight-Driven Enterprise: The Emergence of Hybrid Operational and Analytic Data Processing

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We recently hosted a webinar together with Matt Aslett, Research Director for the Data Platform and Analytics Channel with 451 Research to discuss HOAP for the Insight-Driven Enterprise: The Emergence of Hybrid Operational and Analytic Data Processing. It was so successful that we decided to share some of the highlights [...]

Discover How to Become HOAPful: Watch Webinar with 451 Research Group On-Demand

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Missed our live webinar There’s HOAP for the Insight-Driven Enterprise: the Emergence of Hybrid Operational and Analytic Data Processing with 451 Research Group? No worries. You can always catch our webinars on-demand right here. About this Webinar In this webinar, 451 Research Group's Matt Aslett, Research Director for the Data Platforms [...]

Recapping our London and Paris Insight-Driven Organization Events: Accelerating Innovation and Operationalizing AI

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In today’s fast-paced world of “now,” and the exponential growth of data and connected devices (IoT), organizations strive to get from data to advanced analytics to action with a latency of only sub-seconds. Those who successfully achieve this will gain strategic insights more quickly and accurately and make smarter, data-driven [...]

GigaSpaces Joins Intel® AI Builders Partner Program

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GigaSpaces is excited to announce it has joined Intel®'s new AI Builders Partner Program, focused on accelerating the adoption of AI on Intel platforms. GigaSpaces, already an existing Intel® Storage Builders partner, has been working with Intel to help organizations become insight-driven and expand AI innovations such as deep learning. Intel [...]