Bare-Metal PaaS

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The Rise of Bare-Metal Clouds Cloud and Virtualization are not mandatory, and the number of cloud providers that supports bare-metal clouds is growing, as David Linthicum pointed out in his article Going native: The move to bare-metal cloud services It...

How to Take Any App to the Cloud meetup on May 17th

By |2020-10-05T10:12:44+00:00May 14, 2012| GigaSpaces is hosting a cloud computing meetup on how to take any app to the cloud with an all-star panel of CTOs and technical evangelists. Join us for this free, high-energy event on May 17th to hear real world use cases from Microsoft, Aditi, Cisco, GigaSpaces, C24, a Fortune [...]

Terabyte Elastic Cache clusters on Cisco UCS and Amazon EC2

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Overview Last week I was working on a new opportunity. The prospect needs to store 1 Terabyte of data in memory to address scalability challenges and were interested in using GigaSpaces. I was tasked with creating a demonstration of this and want to share my experience as a blog post. [...]

Moving away from Mainframe to Commodity – How?

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Moving away from Mainframe to Commodity - How? Mainframe (Z/OS) based systems running COBOL programs are legacy systems in many organizations. These are planned to be replaced with low cost commodity servers running Java or .Net based systems, saving the cost of the expensive mainframe MIPS and COBOL-based development. Using [...]

2012 Cloud, PaaS, NoSQL Predictions

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2011 is coming to its end and now is a good time to start planning for 2012. I thought that a good start would be too look at my 2011 predictions and if my previous (and first) attempt to predict...

Making Cloud Portability a Practical Reality

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In one of my previous posts Five Misconceptions On Cloud Portability I argued that: The term "cloud portability" is often considered a synonym for "Cloud API portability," which implies a series of misconceptions. If we break away from dogma, we...

Last Chance to Sign Up for our Cloudify Product Demo

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Registration is still open! Sign up today and learn how to quickly and seamlessly on-board your mission-critical apps to the cloud, with Cloudify, and see a live product demo presented by Uri Cohen, VP Product Management.   Introduction to Cloudify & Product Demo Join us for a Webinar Wednesday, November [...]

Cloudify for Azure

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By now, if you’re following GigaSpaces, you should probably have heard about our new Cloudify for Azure offering. In this post I’ll try to provide a high level overview of what this offering is about, how it was conceptualized, and what are its benefits for the end user.  Cloudify – [...]

Real Time Analytics for Big Data: An Alternative Approach

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Lately, we've been talking to various clients about realtime analytics, and with convenient timing Todd Hoff wrote up how Facebook's realtime analytics system was designed and implemented (See previous review on that regard here). They had some assumptions in design...

Real Time analytics for Big Data: Facebook’s New Realtime Analytics System

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Recently, I was reading Todd Hoff's write-up on FaceBook real time analytics system. As usual, Todd did an excellent job in summarizing this video from Engineering Manager at Facebook Alex Himel, Engineering Manager at Facebook. In this first post, I’d...