Cloud Computing

OpenStack is Coming to Israel

By |2020-10-05T10:10:45+00:00May 23, 2012|

I'm very excited to announce our first OpenStack Israel event on Wednesday the 30th of May in Petach Tikva in collaboration with the IGT Cloud and Rackspace. Since Avner Algom and myself started to work on the event a few...

Bare-Metal PaaS

By |2020-10-05T10:11:45+00:00May 20, 2012|

The Rise of Bare-Metal Clouds Cloud and Virtualization are not mandatory, and the number of cloud providers that supports bare-metal clouds is growing, as David Linthicum pointed out in his article Going native: The move to bare-metal cloud services It...

Mapping the Cloud/PaaS Stack

By |2020-10-05T10:34:07+00:00May 3, 2012|

Cloud is evolving at an incredible pace, changing almost every aspect of our industry. It’s only natural then, that with this change also comes a continuous evolution of how we classify and categorize the various components of the cloud stack....

2012 Cloud, PaaS, NoSQL Predictions

By |2020-10-06T07:17:57+00:00December 13, 2011|

2011 is coming to its end and now is a good time to start planning for 2012. I thought that a good start would be too look at my 2011 predictions and if my previous (and first) attempt to predict...

Five Misconceptions on Cloud Portability

By |2020-10-06T07:21:40+00:00November 15, 2011|

Three years ago when we started working on the first generation of our PaaS offering, cloud portability seemed to be pretty much “mission impossible.” At the time, we made a conscious decision to focus only on Amazon for our first...

Java and Center Stage: Meet us at JavaOne 2011

By |2020-10-06T07:39:30+00:00September 30, 2011|

It seems that now Java is taking center stage in the Cloud world, with more application platforms such as SalesForce/Heroku, VMware, Redhat/OpenShift,, JClouds, and obviously GigaSpaces providing a rich set of offerings that are based on...

Cloudify for Azure

By |2020-10-06T07:59:29+00:00September 13, 2011|

By now, if you’re following GigaSpaces, you should probably have heard about our new Cloudify for Azure offering. In this post I’ll try to provide a high level overview of what this offering is about, how it was conceptualized, and what are its benefits for the end user.  Cloudify – [...]