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.NET local cache is out

By |2020-10-07T10:15:08+00:00December 17, 2008|

On my previous post I've talked about the upcoming new local cache for .NET that introduces ultra fast caching performance. This cache has now been released as part of our early access program for the upcoming 7.0 version. This implementation gives you the power of ultra fast, reliable and self healing distributed cache, combined with [...]

Ultra fast local cache implementation for .NET

By |2020-10-07T10:19:30+00:00December 7, 2008|

Native In-Memory Performance for .NET Clients As you may know, since version 6.6 GigaSpaces XAP.NET has become a separate offering, with a native .NET look & feel, considerably better performance and improved ease of use. We are continuing to improve XAP.NET, and one feature that users have consistently been asking for is native [...]

Event listener container abstraction for .NET

By |2020-10-07T10:20:21+00:00December 5, 2008|

GigaSpaces XAP.NET 6.6.2 comes with out of the box event listener container abstraction that decouples the business logic implementation from the underlying data grid implementation. This allows simpler and faster processing unit implementation, without having to implement the event triggering logic by your self. For those of you who are [...]

XAP.NET speaks Java?

By |2020-10-07T10:58:53+00:00October 5, 2008|

One of the key features of GigaSpaces XAP/XAP.NET is the seamless interoperability of .NET Java and C++, This can happen because that the product core is developed in Java and entries are saved inside the space in a generic, language free, form, allowing each specific programming language to interact with [...]

The new XAP.NET 6.6 version

By |2020-10-07T10:59:04+00:00October 5, 2008|

XAP.NET 6.6 has been recently released, I’m very happy to introduce this new and very cool version. It’s the first time that XAP.NET is a completely stand alone version. The .msi installation provides a fluent self explanatory installation experience. Once installation is completed you get a fully configured ready to [...]

Quantum Leap with XAP 6.5 for .NET

By |2020-10-08T07:16:20+00:00July 6, 2008|

In an attempt to summarize the new .NET product release, as part of Gigaspaces XAP 6.5, the only phrase that gets into my head is quantum leap. Being the .NET team leader I don’t expect anyone to trust my objectivity, though looking at the list of achievements I guess there [...]

Challenges with scaling MySql on Amazon EC2 and S3

By |2020-11-25T12:55:35+00:00May 19, 2008|

During the past few months I've talked to many Amazon EC2 and S3 users. They all face the same interesting challenge: how do I develop a scalable, transactional and data-intensive application in the EC2-S3 cloud environment? They are experiencing first-hand the painful gap between scalable hardware (what Amazon provides) and [...]

Hello, grid.

By |2020-10-12T07:57:12+00:00October 31, 2006|

Every C programmer's first program is "hello, world." So, it's only fitting that the parking page for a major new blog from GigaSpaces should have its initial post titled, "hello, grid." The objective of this blog is to engage directly with developers, users, administrators and IT professionals of all disciplines [...]