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AWS Outage: Moving from Multi-Availability-Zone to Multi-Cloud

By |2020-10-05T09:04:30+00:00October 29, 2012|

A couple of days ago Amazon Web Services (AWS) suffered a significant outage in their US-EAST-1 region. This has been the 5th major outage in that region in the past 18 months. The outage affected leading services such as Reddit, Netflix, Foursquare and Heroku. How should you architect your cloud-hosted [...]

Architecting Massively-Scalable Near-Real-Time Risk Analysis Solutions

By |2020-10-06T07:16:14+00:00December 19, 2011|

Recently I held a webinar around architecting solutions for scalable and near-real-time risk analysis solutions based on the experience gathered with our Financial Services customers. In the webinar I also had the honor of hosting Mr. Larry Mitchel, a leading expert in the … Continue reading

Some suggestions for those making presentations

By |2020-10-06T08:22:03+00:00July 21, 2011|

Presentations are rarely any fun to give or attend, and could be – if the presenters pay attention to some details. The first problem, in a nutshell, is focus. The second problem is focus. The third problem? Well, that’s way different: it’s focus. If you, as a presenter, recognize that you have to focus – hard – on what [...]

Real Time Analytics for Big Data: An Alternative Approach

By |2020-10-06T08:22:54+00:00July 14, 2011|

Lately, we've been talking to various clients about realtime analytics, and with convenient timing Todd Hoff wrote up how Facebook's realtime analytics system was designed and implemented (See previous review on that regard here). They had some assumptions in design...