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Software Still Playing Catch-Up to Flash Memory Advancements

By |2020-10-04T08:03:54+00:00June 23, 2015|

For as long as most can remember, applied computer storage architectures have been based on allocating volatile, expensive RAM and persistent, cheap disk. Recent trends in flash memory technology have provided more options for architectures seeking to optimize performance with an eye on cost. In the current marketplace, however, software [...]

Deployment Composition In Cloudify

By |2020-10-04T08:17:02+00:00May 23, 2015|

In Cloudify, "deployments" define an isolated namespace that contains a collection of nodes and relationships.  These nodes and relationships are typically visualized as a complete "stack" of technologies, that deliver a complete platform for computing. An example is a classic load balancer, web servers, app servers, and database stack. In some cases, [...]

Reducing TCO with XAP MemoryXtend

By |2020-10-04T08:28:35+00:00March 4, 2015|

GigaSpaces XAP version 10, the latest release of the industry leading in-memory computing platform, introduces several new significant features of which MemoryXtend™ is the most ground breaking. This post covers a real world example of an application of MemoryXtend, and how it can reduce TCO and even save lives. XAP [...]

Replication as a Service (Part One)

By |2020-10-04T09:48:50+00:00March 12, 2014|

As published on DZone on March 12th 2014, we would like to discuss replication as a service in this 2-part post. Introduction Cloud computing vendors provide a variety of APIs for deploying and interacting with the services they provide.  These APIs have grown in number along with the variety of services [...]

Cassandra on ACID

By |2020-10-05T08:46:49+00:00August 6, 2012|

  How GigaSpaces and Cassandra are being combined to deliver limitless computational and data scalability Cassandra's tunable eventual consistency delivers great flexibility for trading off write performance for consistency. For those requiring very high performance, however, some level of EC is going to be a must. Unfortunately, a great many [...]

Elephants and Eyeballs: Real-Time Big Data in the Real World

By |2020-10-05T09:03:34+00:00June 26, 2012|

I recently had the opportunity to work on a client's architecture that illustrates both the flexibility of the GigaSpaces platform,  and the appeal of marrying datagrid technology with eventually consistent, big data platforms.  As a by-product, I spun off some code that can ease the construction of such systems in [...]