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Get Real-Time on Your Big Data - Extreme Processing and Immediate Action      

The speed of today’s processing systems has moved classical data warehousing into the realm of real-time. The result is real-time analytics. To keep up, many enterprises turn to in-memory computing to

  • Handle streaming events at the pace they flow into your system
  • Get real-time insights from your Big Data, no matter how big, how varied, or from how many sources.



Learn more about how to process massive amounts of data in real time at minimum cost with XAP In-Memory Computing.


Reduce Your Operational and Infrastructure Costs

Big Data systems tend to be complex to manage and operate, as they often include other services such as relational databases, other NoSQL databases, stream processing, web front ends and more. Managing each component of your big data system separately is an operational nightmare, and that complexity only grows as the system gets bigger. With big data systems consuming a lot of infrastructure resources that can easily pile up to thousands of nodes. 

Get more information about how Cloudify optimizes your infrastructure cost for running big data systems through unified management.



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