Pharmacy OneSource

We evaluated several products and GigaSpaces was the winner of the beauty contest….in the end, GigaSpaces will help save $20M over the next 5-years to Pharmacy One Source’s bottom line by reducing hardware infrastructure costs.

Kaj Pedersen,
CTO, Pharmacy OneSource

Our trading platform requires the support of multiple low latency applications with a large amount of concurrent clients. GigaSpaces has allowed us to greatly improve the scalability and performance of our trading platform.

Geoff Buhn,
Options Trading Technology Manager, SIG

GigaSpaces features mapped extremely well to our requirements and got us out the door at a fraction of what it would’ve cost us to develop the infrastructure on our own.

Tomer Gabel,
SHC Israel, Sears
Avanza Bank

GigaSpaces technology allows us to increase customer satisfaction by facilitating better, user-friendly services, as well as new services, which ultimately enhances our bottom line

Ronnie Bodinger,
CTO, Avanza Bank, Avanza Bank
Gresham Computing

We needed a technology that would not only support the unique scaling and reliability needs of high-speed, transaction-based processes, but it also had to be market-proven. Because companies like Morgan Stanley and the NYSE already depend on GigaSpaces, our customers are instantly comfortable with the technology.

Neil Vernon,
Development Director at Gresham Computing, Gresham Computing
Daiwa Capital Markets

We considered many points when evaluating different technologies as a core for our infrastructure. Upon reviewing the proof of concept, we saw that XAP would get us up and running quickly, while meeting and exceeding our long-term operational requirements in the electronic trading space.

Del Abdullah,
Head of Electronic Trading Technology, Daiwa, Daiwa Capital Markets
Rackspace Hosting

Platform as a service is the next wave of cloud computing adoption, and Cloudify running on Rackspace’s OpenStack-powered next generation cloud is a natural fit.

We’re excited about OpenStack enabling Cloudify to become a solution in the Rackspace Cloud Tools ecosystem, empowering developers to focus on what they do best – develop apps.

Ven Shanmugam,
Senior Manager of Corporate Strategy for Rackspace Hosting, Rackspace Hosting
CA Technologies

Organizations can create a private cloud environment using the CA AppLogic cloud platform, and then leverage GigaSpaces’ run-time to on-board their mission critical applications. We expect partners like GigaSpaces to continue to find new avenues and opportunities for their services and solutions through our growing Cloud Commons network.

Brian Burba,
Cloud Ecosystem Solution Manager at CA Technologies, CA Technologies

Customers that have enterprise Java applications can leverage the GigaSpaces solution to help them transition to the Windows Azure platform. GigaSpaces is working with Microsoft to give Windows Azure customers deployment, management, and monitoring capabilities for running applications in an agile and cost-effective way.

Prashant Ketkar,
Director of Product Marketing, Windows Azure, Microsoft, Microsoft

GigaSpaces is bringing the open cloud to new heights with their contribution to OpenStack. By raising the open cloud to the app development level, enterprises can leverage their existing knowledge and development tools while ensuring their cloud strategy will automatically scale with their business.
And because GigaSpaces is using Citrix technology – which runs the largest clouds in the world and touches 75 percent of all Internet users daily – customers can be assured their clouds will scale on a world class level.

Gordon Mangione,
VP of Business Development, Datacenter and Cloud Division, Citrix, Citrix