GigaSpaces XAP  - Real-Time Processing of Massive Streaming Events

Rapidly increasing use of large-scale and location-aware social media and mobile applications are driving the need for scalable, real-time platforms that can handle streaming analysis and processing of massive amounts of data. Today, creating an analytics system for big data generally means collecting multiple technologies from various providers, and building the system yourself. This presents challenges in terms of performance, costs, scalability, real-time, and more. GigaSpaces resolves these issues:

You need to handle massive amounts of data in real time, without losing data and at minimum cost.

Most Big Data systems are not designed for real-time: it can take hours or days to see the impact of an event in reports, enabling you to take action. The challenge becomes even greater as events are gathered from more sources at significantly higher volumes.

One option: Construct your own solution by combining various available technologies.

This can be complex: In addition to messaging, data storage, and processing, you need management and orchestration for automating the deployment and ensuring continuous availability across the assorted parts.

A simpler option: Just plug in the GigaSpaces Real-Time Analytics solution. You can focus on your business logic, and leave the rest to us.

GigaSpaces makes building and deploying a large-scale real-time analytics system simple. You just provide simple event processing business logic, and we handle the scalability, performance, and database integration. Seamlessly.

It’s Open: use any stack, avoid lock-in.

Pick your own Big Data database (RDBMS or NoSQL); Plug in consistent management and monitoring across the stack without changing your code; Write event handlers using common languages; Access your data using standard SQL/JPA APIs.

All while minimizing costs.

A unique combination of memory and disk-based databases ensure the optimum cost/performance ratio. Leveraging automation and cloud-based deployment reduces operational costs.

The GigaSpaces Real-Time Processing solution for Big Data Applications eliminates the complexity


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