Multi-Site Data Replication Features

image1Any Replication Topology
Supports any replication topology whether, multi-master, hub and spoke, pass-through etc.

image2Data Filtering
A  query language based query filter for easily controlling the data set to be replicated.

image3High Availability & Self-Healing
GigaSpaces in-memory data grid and multi-site replication are highly available (no SPOF) and self-healing, assuring zero downtime and immunity to data loss.

Fully Transactional
GigaSpaces in-memory data grid and multi-site replication are fully transactional so data integrity is assured and the programming experience is of an enterprise-grade data store.

Cloud Enabled
GigaSpaces in-memory data grid and multi-site replication can be deployed on any Cloud either manually or using GigaSpaces Cloudify for automated on-boarding and management.

GigaSpaces in-memory data grid provides multilingual access and interoperability so data can be replicated between applications of different technologies.

Monitoring and Management
Statistics are presented on every activity that goes through the GigaSpaces WAN gateway.

Indirect Replication
Replicate packets from A -> B through point C, to avoid connectivity issues between A and B.

Disconnection Resiliency
Data can be stored on file if there is a long disconnection.

Optimized Bandwidth and Connection Usage
Every site uses only one connection while interacting with remote sites, rather than a connection per node.

Single-Click Bootstrapping
Each site’s data grid can be initialized (recover its data) from one location, using a built-in remote bootstrapping mechanism.

Custom Conflict Resolution
Essential to any multi-master system. Includes pluggable conflict resolution architecture, so users can implement any conflict resolution strategy according to business requirements.


Multi-Site Data Replication - Features