Migrate Enterprise Workloads to OpenStack Cloud on a Massive Scale

Cloudify is a GigaSpaces’ solution backed by the OpenStack-based HP Public Cloud that enables deployment of the most complex, big data applications onto OpenStack clouds at the click of a button.  Cloudify is designed to bring enterprise workloads to the cloud by enabling enterprise applications to quickly benefit from cloud automation and orchestration. This, partnered with HP’s robust Cloud Services portfolio, enables enterprises to migrate to the cloud on a massive scale.

Meet the Cloudify Application Catalog on HP® Public Cloud



Welcome to the Cloudify App Catalog - your single-click, hassle free deployment experience for running popular services on HP Public Cloud. Launch your service of choice on the HP Cloud at the click of a button and sign up for a free, 7-day trial to continue testing services through the Cloudify App Catalog.

When you decide to continue your work into production, the Catalog eases the transition. By providing your own HP Cloud credentials, you may continue what you started during the trial period, taking you seamlessly from free trial into full production. 



The Process - it really is that simple!




Getting started with the Catalog is a snap.

  • Visit the Cloudify Application Catalog and watch the demo video to get started.

  • Test out the Catalog before you sign up for the trial! Check out the free 60 minute preview to see exactly which kinds of services you can test out and how the system works.

  • Sign up for a free, 7-day trial of the Catalog to continue testing out different services on the HP Public Cloud.

  • At any point throughout the trial you may enter your own HPCS account information to continue running your applications on HP Public Cloud through the Cloudify App Catalog indefinitely.

Orchestrate your apps on HP Cloud with Cloudify. Try it now!   





HP Print Customer Case Study

Hear first hand how HP Print used Cloudify to move and orchestrate multiple apps to their new HP Helion environment in Chris Myers' presentation at the OpenStack Summit.


Interview with Nati Shalom, CTO & Founder, GigaSpaces

Webinar On-Demand

Learn how Cloudify will take your apps to the HP Public Cloud in this free, on-demand webinar!



Video Interview

Check out this interview with Nati Shalom, CTO & Founder at GigaSpaces.





Interview with Nati Shalom, CTO & Founder, GigaSpaces

Hangout On-Demand

Check out this Hangout On-Air with GigaSpaces and HP, discussing "Deployment Automation on OpenStack with TOSCA and Cloudify."





Hangout On-Demand

Check out this Hangout On-Air with GigaSpaces and HP, discussing "GettingGetting an Open Source Framework on OpenStack is Now Easier than on Amazon & GAE."




Demo Video

Watch a demo of Cloudify deploying an application to the New OpenStack Public Cloud on HP Cloud Services.





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Applications Supported by Cloudify

Cloudify comes with a set of built-in application recipes for popular Application Containers, such as Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic,Glassfish, WebSphere, Ruby, Big Data recipes such as Cassandra, MongoDB, and Hadoop, as well as other popular frameworks such as MySQL for relational database, Solr for search engine, Active MQ for message brokering, and more. 

Cloudify enables you deploy, manage and scale your mission-critical applications to HP Cloud Services, while maintaining full control.



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