XAP for eCommerce  

The increase of mobile shopping, omni-channel retail, and demand for personalized customer experience presents retailers with multiple scalability and performance challenges when using eCommerce systems. XAP provides an end-to-end solution empowering many top retailers through a cost-effective and highly scalable in-memory computing platform.


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Guarantee a smooth, consistent customer experience, regardless of the amount of traffic on your site with an always-on infrastructure that will scale to your needs. 

• Dynamic provisioning for fluctuating loads 
• High performance for latency-sensitive 
• Continuous uptime/high availability through    
   automatic failover and self-healing 
• Cost effective resource utilization & 
   standardized management tools 




XAP enables your app to run entirely on a single platform with all the tiers collapsed into one container. The platform gives you fast data access by storing ALL your data in-memory, ensuring high availability and scaling your app automatically and on-demand. 
End-to-end elasticity enables all system components to scale as resource requirements increase.

During periods of peak load or through seasons of increased traffic, XAP dynamically expands your application onto additional physical resources – automatically and on-demand, to meet any SLA. Resiliency is guaranteed by in-memory backup within each container, and by mirroring data to a traditional database outside the runtime. 



Accommodating high volumes of traffic, engaging customers across many channels, avoiding sluggish response times, and improving conversion rates, all while reducing costs – sounds like a tall order?

Meet the rising challenges in eCommerce IT
with XAP In-Memory Computing


Increased Traffic During Holiday Events

XAP Ensures Linear Scalability: 
  • • In-memory data partitioning enables unlimited load-balancing 
  • • Elastic provisioning of resources lets you scale up/scale down as needed 

360-Degree View of Customers (Customer 360)

XAP can accommodate large data volumes from a variety of data sources (Master Data Management):
  • • Rich support for extensible and schema-less data models  
  • • Support for large-volume (double digit terabyte) storage through SSD and flash memory (MemoryXtend) 

Redesigning an eCommerce Platform to Scale  

XAP reduces time to market through seamless integration:  
  • • Provides pluggable high performance caching adapters for major eCommerce platforms 
  • • Smooth development learning curve through common software patterns 
  • • Consistent deployment experience across physical data centers as well as cloud 

Real-Time Personalization 

XAP Provides Superior Performance: 
  • • In-memory data: no physical DB in runtime stack; no physical I/O, no tier hops 
  • • Parallel processing – no joins, increased efficiency 
  • • Data-aware routing & multi indexing – faster queries, reduced time to analytics

Use Cases  

Hundreds of enterprises worldwide use XAP to manage their business critical applications, with several Fortune 500 retailers.

Serving Black Friday Traffic with no Downtime

  • • Automatically provision web containers as traffic grows 
  • • Dynamically move application partitions across hosts to handle load 
  • • Use data-aware load balancing for maximizing processing efficiency 
  • • Let hot backup prevent cascading failure 

High Performance Caching for eCommerce Platforms 

  • • Easily plug in a high performance caching and elastic scaling layer for eCommerce platforms such as BlueMartini, Oracle ATG, Hybris, and WebSphere Commerce  
  • • Automatic optimization ensuring seamless transparency for developers
  • • Consistent caching at every layer of the architecture




Omni-channel Retail

  • • Integrate all customer data  
  • • Dynamically move application partitions across hosts to handle load
  • • Use data-aware load balancing for maximizing processing efficiency  
  • • Let hot backup prevent cascading failure

Real-time Personalized Shopping Enablement   

  • • 360-degree view of all customer data at sub-second latency 
  • • Real-time sentiment analysis and consumer analytics
  • • Provide actionable insights through low-latency, asynchronous, event-driven architecture workflows 



White Paper: Omni-channel Retail and In-Memory Computing: Crossing the Scalability Chasm



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