Multi-Site Data Replication

All modern enterprise IT organizations are concerned with data replication of mission-critical systems and applications across sites, and data centers.

Out of the Box Disaster Recovery
Planning - for Backup and Disaster Recovery
GigaSpaces multi-site data replication ensures that data is always up-to-date in both sites, so that it is possible to continue from an exact point of failure.

Data Integration Across
Rather than sharing data between applications in batch mode, which bears a cost in terms of cost and accuracy, GigaSpaces multi-site replication gives businesses real-time access to up-to-date information for all their applications.
Multi-Site Operations
The GigaSpaces multi-site data replication handles the synchronization of the dynamic data across sites (unlike static CDN data distribution), ensuring consistently low latency.
Data Replication for your
Dev and Testing needs
Developers and application testers need to simulate a production environment for more reliable tests or troubleshooting, and to solve production problems. GigaSpaces multi-site data replication provides the necessary conditions for sharing data, ensuring no cost to performance and security integrity.
Cloud bursting
Cloud bursting is economically appealing to enterprises that want to increase capacity on demand using the public cloud pay-per-use model rather than investing in additional on-premise computing resources. True cloudbursting requires the ability to burst both processes and their associated data. GigaSpaces multi-site replication provides a secured private data cloud between the primary data center and the remote site. Processes can be spawned quickly when needed and get local access to their data.

The GigaSpaces Multi-Site Data Replication synchronizes data across your different sites in a consistent, failure-proof, scalable way.

Employing the GigaSpaces in-memory data grid ensures superb performance. While no disk access is involved, the data is highly available and there is no risk of data loss. The system enables easy scaling by adding partitions and distributing its gateway across several hosts.
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The Challenges of Data Replication Across Sites

There are many challenges to achieving real-time data replication, and enterprises have additional demanding requirements that must be a part of any solution, including reliability, security, and filtering. GigaSpaces data-replication meets these challenges:

Business Challenge

GigaSpaces Feature That Meets Challenge

Support for extreme performance and data volumes without special HW or SW

Scalable replication: No physical I/O – The Gateway replicates data stored in-memory asynchronously. No database is required to replicate data over the WAN. data in the data grid.

Parallel replication: Any Stream replication can have its own delegate and sink on separate JVMs/hosts.

Maintaining data integrity across all sites

Customizable conflict resolution mechanism prevents data inconsistency.

Adding new sites with zero downtime and without manual remote access

Dynamic configuration for adding replication channels on the fly. Remote bootstrapping of each site from another site.

Business continuity

High availability and self-healing: The data grid backing the WAN gateway is highly available with hot replication. The self-healing mechanism compensates for any lost data grid node or WAN gateway failure by automatically restarting on an available machine.

Data consistency

Due to unique architecture with a completely stateless WAN Gateway, no data loss will ever occur due to gateway failure. Transactions at the local site are replicated atomically to the remote sites. Data replication order ensures durability.

Support for any business process

Data filtering: Custom plug-in allows users to filter/modify data before it is replicated and after it has been replicated at each source/target node

Support for any replication topology, including routing replication via delegate site(s).

Enables data integration across apps

Interoperability: The Data Grid enables application access to data through various APIs, and using Java, C++ or .NET No special configuration is required.


Support for encrypted replication using SSL

Product Architecture

Easily Achieve Data Integration Across Applications
GigaSpaces WAN Data Synchronization Technology ‒Replicate Your Data to Remote Sites in 3 Simple Steps

Mirror your data to the XAP Data Grid using standard APIs

Business App

Configure the Replication Gateways

Business App2

Deploy the gateway at each site, enabling sites to bootstrap themselves without introducing data


Once your data is stored in the IMDG, replicating it across the WAN is merely a matter of tweaking some configuration files



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Multi-Site Data Replication