UK Mobile Operator - Cloud-Based SIM Activation
Date: December 11, 2009

Razorfish, a GigaSpaces partner,  used XAP to develop a SIM activation application for a leading UK mobile operator, running entirely in the public cloud. Razorfish report cost savings of more than 87% - the cloud-based solution costs $43K p.a. (slide 14), while just the hardware for an on-premise solution would cost $320K, without the cost of operations staff (slide 15).



Web 2.0 Trading Platform Running On and Off the Cloud
Date: December 11, 2009

Orbyte - A GigaSpaces Cloud Client, describes its web 2.0 trading platform. Using XAP, the same application runs both on-premises and on the cloud, with the same extreme performance and high resilience. Orbyte list XAP's benefits for startups: "an infrastructure we couldn't afford otherwise", cost control, agile provisioning, and a competitive edge (slide 11).



Fortune 100 CRM Solution on a Private Cloud
Date: December 10, 2009

British American Tobacco, a GigaSpaces customer, is using XAP to develop a mobile CRM system, delivered as SaaS on a private cloud. The solution handles 4 million sales visits per week by 10,000 sales reps, with a data volume of 752 GB (slide 9). All the alternatives to GigaSpaces forced lock-in to proprietary development platforms and were "not really built for our data volumes" (slide 6). 



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