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What We Do

Run Applications at Speed, at Scale
Turbo boost your services and applications
and elastically scale while retaining extreme performance
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Modernize Legacy Infrastructure
Seamlessly improve business performance and create new ways of serving customers
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Operationalize AI & ML
Successfully move your AI and ML models into production, enriching streaming data with historical data
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360 View of Data
Access data from any source across cloud, multicloud, on-premise and hybrid for a real-time 360 engagement
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How We Do It

Extreme Speed
Ultra-low latency, high-throughput transaction, stream and analytical processing. Co-location of data, applications and models. Event-driven analytics and ML runs simultaneously on live, hot and historical data on data lakes and data warehouses.
Elastic linear scaling and handling of peak events while retaining extreme performance is supported by a distributed in-memory scale-out, shared nothing architecture across any environment.
Any Data, Anywhere
Ingest, process and analyze data from any data source including structured, unstructured or semi-structured. Applications and analytics seamlessly access documents, images, tables, objects, text, geo-location and more across any environment - cloud, multicloud, on-premise and hybrid.
Mature battle-tested platform for mission critical businesses. Highly available with 99.999 reliability and auto healing. Geo-redundancy and fast data replication for disaster recovery.

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