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Web Scale Applications

Extreme Transactions. Actionable Insights at Web Scale.

The Converged In-Memory Compute Platform by GigaSpaces couples extreme transaction processing with real-time analytics at web scale. XAP is a high performance In-Memory Data Grid that collocates data and business logic for ultra-low latency and high availability. InsightEdge is an In-Memory Analytics Platform leveraging Apache Spark for true real-time streaming analytics and actionable insights at web scale.

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Orchestration and Automation at Web Scale.

Cloudify is an open source, TOSCA-based cloud orchestration framework that provides full lifecycle automation (provisioning, deployment, monitoring and remediation) of enterprise and NFV applications. Cloudify provides a single pane of glass across cloud platforms, containers and even non-virtualized and bare metal, all while supporting your existing tools and installbase.

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About GigaSpaces

GigaSpaces is a pioneer with more than a decade of experience in developing software middleware for large scale real time applications. GigaSpaces is now uniquely positioned to bring the best practices of web scale architecture to enterprises and telcos through its two lines of products.

Cloudify an open source TOSCA-based cloud orchestration framework, brings the web scale best practices of orchestration and automation into the world of hybrid cloud and NFV.

InsightEdge and XAP, together bring web scale best practices into the world of real time data processing and analytics. The combination of the two products is positioned to meet the demand of next generation application in areas such as IoT and NFV in which insights from real time data feeds and sensors turns into actions through orchestration.



Our Investors


Cloudify 3.4 Released July 2016


ARIA wins MANO Software of the Year June 2106, Informa NV & SDN Europe


Launched InsightEdge on March 6, 2016

Cloudify leads in code contribution to open source NFV projects Open-O, MEF's LSO, and ARIA


GigaSpaces Round C of $20M to accelerate and expand product portfolio


GigaSpaces partners with VMWare on VIOTM and vCloudAir integrations


Cloudify 3.0, a complete rearchitecture of Cloudify, is released, with native support for OpenStack


GigaSpaces joins OASIS TOSCA.


XAP MemoryXtend is released

which allows seamless extension of RAM to SSD

GigaSpaces releases breakthrough real time replication technology across data centers


GigaSpaces Cloudify is released


GigaSpaces announces the beta program for Cloudify

the industry’s first cloud application orchestration platform

GigaSpaces announces its first cloud based platform, joining forces with AWS and providing XAP as a service


GigaSpaces XAP is being utilized by 6 of the 10 largest banks in north America


GigaSpaces announces OpenSpaces

the Spring framework based API for building in memory applications that are ultra fast, distributed, scalable and fault tolerant

GigaSpaces Secures Round B $13M


GigaSpaces announces eXtreme Application Platform

XAP 6.0 is released

Space Based Architecture is born


GigaSpaces raises round A led by BRM capital and Intel capital


GigaSpaces announces Enterprise Application Grid

the world’s first holistic in memory computing platform

GigaSpaces Platform 3.0 released


First commercial release of the GigaSpaces Platform


Name changed to GigaSpaces & first seed round secured.


The Company was Founded

Founded by Nati Shalom under the name JSpaces