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Introducing GigaSpaces InsightEdge Platform
Spurring Faster, Scalable Innovation for Automated Intelligence and Real-time Data Insights Learn more!
Bridging the Memory-Storage Gap to Accelerate Fast Data Analytics [WEBINAR]
In this webinar, we will discuss particular design challenges for streaming analytics, fast data lakes, and continuous machine learning data pipelines. Sign up
GigaSpaces and Intel Benchmark
GigaSpaces’ XAP In-Memory Computing Platform integrates with new Intel® SSDs Read more
Fast Data Insights
InsightEdge connects insight to action at the speed of business. Our high performance, enterprise-ready Spark distribution is designed for fast data workloads and low latency real-time analytics.

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Extreme Transaction Processing
XAP is an In-Memory Computing Platform that scales your digital business performance by orders of magnitude. Our open platform provides microsecond-scale transaction processing, data scalability and powerful event-driven workflows.

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