XAP for Trade Execution

Ever expanding trading volumes and constantly increasing numbers of markets are creating bottlenecks for online trading systems. Trading firms need ultra-fast pricing engines to ensure they find the best venues for trades at any given time, as well as fast-processing order management systems to execute those trades. In a business environment where milliseconds matter, your trading applications must be able to carry out transactions with the speed and accuracy customers expect and regulations demand, giving you competitive advantage and improving your bottom line.

XAP In-Memory Computing provides the only complete end-to-end elastic application platform for online trading that meets or exceeds all of your on-line trading requirements - all while leveraging commodity hardware and the latest advances in fast data storage (SSD/Flash).





With XAP In-Memory Computing, you will:

  • Accelerate time to market/value
  • Lower Trade latency for increased profitability
  • Automatically meet peak trading demands (system elasticity)
  • Reduce CapEx and OpEx
  • Improve business agility and flexibility to speed product innovation
  • More easily meet regulatory compliance requirements
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • High availability for synchronous and asynchronous trades.




XAP enables your app to run entirely on a single platform with all the tiers collapsed into one container. The platform gives you fast data access by storing ALL your data in-memory, ensuring high availability and scaling your app automatically and on-demand. 
End-to-end elasticity enables all system components to scale as resource requirements increase.

During periods of peak load or through seasons of increased traffic, XAP dynamically expands your application onto additional physical resources – automatically and on-demand, to meet any SLA. Resiliency is guaranteed by in-memory backup within each container, and by mirroring data to a traditional database outside the runtime. 



Risk Optimization

Achieve compliance objectives while mitigating operational risk, fighting crime and optimizing returns

De-duplicate processes, deleverage & pursue componentization of technology

Separation of data from applications

Simplification of operational and technological complexity

Consolidate disparate sources of customer, product and transactional data. Organizing data as master data, operational data, analytical data accommodating streaming, real-time data and integrating existing data stores

Adopt transformational technology solutions that reinforce a simplified, streamlined and agile enterprise

to balance growth, efficiency and business resiliency in order to support new business innovation

  Use Cases  

High Frequency Trading

  • Extreme performance to avoid bottlenecks in pricing engines and order management system
  • Support wider range of back-testing strategies



Agile Trading Strategies Deployment

  • Optimize trading strategies in real-time while market is active
  • Compare trading results with historical performance










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XAP for Trade Execution