Accelerating Enterprise Applications & Reducing TCO with XAP MemoryXtend

Store, process & analyze your data in real time at a reduced TCO and with less commodity hardware. 


Reduced Hardware Footprint
By using ZetaScale enabled SSD storage

Real Time Data Processing & Analysis
By leveraging XAP In-Memory Data Grid

No Hardware Lock-In
Works with any solid state drive


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What is XAP MemoryXtend?

XAP MemoryXtend is an In-Memory Computing platform combined with an ultra fast flash data access API.

XAP MemoryXtend brings you all the benefits of In-Memory Computing: application scalability, performance & high availability as well as optimized access to any SSD by utilizing SanDisk's ZetaScale software. You get:

  • Direct access to the flash device without interacting with the OS kernel space
  • Intelligent DRAM caching
  • Optimized threading to maximize concurrency and minimize response time
  • Configurable flash management algorithms to optimize different workloads


Learn more about how XAP MemoryXtend can analyze large data sets at the speed of RAM for lower cost.


What's in it for You?

XAP MemoryXtend's universal SSD integration supports multiple different data models (object oriented, relational and document-based) and various language bindings (Java, .Net, C++ , Scala). 

XAP’s eventing capabilities allow users to create complex stream processing workflows, which are an important foundation for any real time analytics application. By leveraging both RAM & SSD, alongside XAP’s linear and elastic scalability, application data can grow significantly. 

Common use cases for this integration include processing of event streams for real time analytics and saving them to big data stores, such as Hadoop and NoSQL databases, real time querying of complex data, and acceleration of distributed computations. 




Use Cases

Case Study: Supporting Data Growth and Faster Processing of Mission-Critical Data with GigaSpaces and SanDisk



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Sandisk and Gigaspaces