XAP is an in-memory computing software platform that processes all your data & apps in real time.

 Millions of transactions per second  Sub-millisecond latencies 100% Consistency  High Availability 



What's new in XAP 10?

Java 8 Support

  • Significantly improved language features +built-in libraries
  • Lamda expressions for task execution and administration
  • API Operations + other functionalities alongside support and within native XAP type system for new JAVA 8 date time type support

UI Overhaul and Grafana Integration

  • XAP UI integrates with Grafana (backed by InfluxDB that is the default reporting engine for the new metrics framework) 
  • Features a number of built in monitoring dashboards as well as the ability to define new dashboards

Auto-incrementing sequence property 

  • Mark any numeric field as a sequence property and xap will auto increment it and guarantee a monotonically increasing value for it, even after failovers


New metrics framework with support for influxdb

  • New framework that allows you to collect any kind of metric in any resolution and send your metrics to various targets for storage and analysis
  • XAP now ships with an InfluxDB reporter that will allow users to save metrics for long time periods and analyze them more easily


MemoryXtend for RAM

  • Provides support for significantly larger data volumes, potentially hundreds of gigabytes per JVM
  • XAP clusters can now contain tens or even hundreds of terabytes of data


Support for Spring 4 and Hibernate 4    

  • Now supports Hibernate 4 and Spring 4 allowing to leverage all the new features and improvements of these frameworks

Quiesce Mode

  • Ability to hold off/block any operations on the space for maintenance purposes making procedures like upgrades/code updates much simpler




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