29 -30
Apr 2014

Visit Gigaspaces at the NoSQL Matters Conference in Cologne, Germany and get the newest technological updates!

The NoSQL Matters Conference provides various opportunities to network with other experts and lots of possibilities to extend your NoSQL and Big Data knowledge. The conference covers a broad spectrum of topics including new products, use-cases and field reports of day-to-day operations of NoSQL infrastructures. Speakers will discuss use-cases for document stores, graph databases, and wide column stores.

Nati Shalom, CTO and founder of Gigaspaces, will be discussing complex analytics with NoSQL data store in Real Time with a focus on nested queries and projection. NoSQL is often limited in the type of queries that it can support due to the distributed nature of the data.In this session, Nati will discuss patterns to follow in order to overcome NoSQL limitations and combine multiple query semantics with NoSQL based engines. He will demonstrate specifically a combination of key/value, SQL like, Document model and Graph based queries. He will also discuss more advanced topics, such as dealing with partial updates and query projections. Nati will then demonstrate how to combine all of these APIs to access the same data, leveraging each API at what it does best.


12 -16
May 2014
Georgia World Congress Center

It's that time of year again for the OpenStack Summit! Team GigaSpaces is heading to Atlanta to take part in what is sure to be another great event!

Check us out in booth E19 and come hear what's new with GigaSpaces' Cloudify. We've also got some great talks lined up that you won't want to miss.