Can you assess your real risk in real time?

Or are you waiting to find out your actual trade position, leaving yourself exposed to credit and operational risks?

Mitigating operational risk is one of the most critical concerns of trading organizations. Today’s reconciliation model is labor and resource intensive – resulting in a process that takes too long. In the more benign scenario, batch processing is done overnight, leaving you without crucial information until the next business day. In the more catastrophic case, an inability to scale infrastructure to meet growing business needs can result in failure to meet regulatory dictates, or even in a system crash.

GigaSpaces can help you reduce your risk exposure, meet regulatory requirements, and reduce operational costs.

GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) is a virtual application platform that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage your application, data, and messaging services with a single product.


  •    Dynamic provisioning to meet fluctuating loads.
  •    High performance for latency-sensitive environments.
  •    Continuous uptime/high availability through automatic failover and self-healing.
  •    Cost efficiencies through maximum resource utilization, standard development and deployment environments, and advanced management tools.



Without a reliable intra-day reconciliation process, deliberate and non-deliberate discrepancies create bigger risks for your business. However, matching large numbers of trades is computation- and data-intensive, and not easily handled by multi-tier systems.

XAP provides high performance optimized for large, complex data sets:

  • Data is partitioned to allow for faster parallel processing

  • In memory data grid co-located with matching algorithm to avoid moving large amounts of data over the network

  • Multi-indexing for optimizing the matching process 

With traditional systems, it is impossible to export reconciliation data to external applications without slowing down ongoing reconciliation efforts.

XAP enables real-time delivery of reports:

  • XAP easily integrates with messaging systems and data stores to move your matched trades information to any interested party
  • Ongoing write behind mechanism exposes data to external systems

Reconciliation is a critical phase in your trading business. As your business grows, reconciliation systems need to scale – presenting a challenge to maintaining high availability and data integrity.

 XAP guarantees high availability and data integrity at any volume:

  • XAP has built-in hot backup and self-healing mechanisms
  • XAP dynamically rebalances processing loads over additional resources to achieve scalability and ensure SLA
  • XAP is 100% transactional
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