Can you deliver real-time calculations, on real-time data, for real-time critical decisions?

Analytics applications face an escalating need for performance, while data quantities grow exponentially and the need for real-time reports is increasingly urgent.

Analytics applications demand higher throughput and lower latency than ever, to meet the challenge of processing terabytes of data, from various sources, which must be available to multiple processes, making system management increasingly complex. Moreover, the ability to mitigate risk and make fast trading decisions requires gaining meaningful information from these vast data streams in real time.

Compute grids are unable to handle these exacting requirements – they are expensive and difficult to maintain, failing to meet the tera-data and real-time challenges. Nor can all system components scale together to meet actual needs.

GigaSpaces provides an end-to-end solution for all analytics requirements – functional, scaling, provisioning, and load-balancing – in a single, in-memory platform.

XAP is built to run real-time, event-driven analytics in memory, co-located with the data. XAP has built-in multi-tenancy support, enabling multiple analytics processes to run on a shared infrastructure while maintaining strict isolation. The result – a more complete solution, providing faster results, at a lower cost, while preserving transactional integrity.

GigaSpaces is the only solution that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage your application, data, and messaging services with a single product. XAP delivers true end-to-end scaling with:

  •    Dynamic provisioning to meet fluctuating loads.
  •    High performance for latency-sensitive environments.
  •    Continuous uptime/high availability through automatic failover and self-healing.
  •    Cost efficiencies through maximum resource utilization, standard development and
       deployment environments, and advanced management tools.

Can you cope with computation-intensive and data-intensive analysis? Credit simulations require up to 500,000 valuations per transaction and TBs of data, such as market messages: quotes, trades, initials, and more.

XAP delivers reliable real-time processing on massive amounts of data:

  • XAP co-locates data with the analytics processing logic for superb performance
  • Simple APIs simplify processing
  • Data is easily partitioned for any number of partitions enabling unlimited, linear scalability
  • In-memory data: No physical DB in runtime stack, no physical I/O, no tier hops
  • Parallel processing – no joins, increased efficiency
  • Data-aware routing & multi-indexing – Faster queries, reduced contention
  • Managing infrastructure, computation grid, and distributed cache as three separate layers is complex and expensive – causing over-provisioning and increased spending on administration, troubleshooting & maintenance. XAP provides all analytics needs in a single, easy-to-manage platform

  • Unifies computation, data, and messaging services into one platform for agile, simple production management
  • Both underlying infrastructure and grid can be managed from a single point of control for fast and safe provisioning
  • Automated elastic manager is built-in, for proactive cluster management and coping with various demand levels
  • Built in multi-tenancy enables the grid to run different types of calculations using the same infrastructure
  • Continuous availability is critical: All of the data must be readily accessible, all of the time; there can be no downtime. XAP ensures business continuity and SLA compliance

  • Hot backup – Real-time sync with backup nodes
  • Built-in monitoring and recovery mechanisms
  • Flexible data model and dynamic code deployments for zero downtime
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