Are your trading systems geared for high frequency trading?

Today's market demands low latency trading for buy-side and sell-side.

Ever-growing trading volumes and constantly increasing numbers of markets are creating bottlenecks for online trading systems. Trading firms need ultra-fast pricing engines to ensure they find the best venues for trades at any given time, as well as fast-processing order management systems to execute those trades. In a business environment where milliseconds matter, your trading applications must be able to carry out transactions with the speed and accuracy customers expect and regulations demand, giving you competitive advantage and improving your bottom line.

GigaSpaces provides extreme performance, high availability, and scalability to meet any trading volume.

GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Platform (XAP) is a virtual application platform that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage your application, data, and messaging services with a single product.


  •    Dynamic provisioning to meet fluctuating loads.
  •    High performance for latency-sensitive environments.
  •    Continuous uptime/high availability through automatic failover and self-healing.
  •    Cost efficiencies through maximum resource utilization, standard development and deployment environments, and advanced management tools.


Applications are responsible for 65% of the trading process latency. Tier-based architectures moving massive data amounts can’t cope.

XAP speeds up your OMS application, eliminating physical DB and network hops:

  • Orders are cached in partitions, enabling fast data access and fast parallel processing
  • OMS scales to any required level, without any re-architecture or downtime
  • Support for multiple data models and data access APIs, for smooth migration

The sell-side must ensure that investors get the best price on orders, obliging you to provide traders with real-time prices, and enable fast, intelligent execution via single or multiple ECNs.

XAP delivers reliable real-time processing:

  • The entire trading workflow – from parsing orders files to sending execution commands to markets – is managed on a single elastic cluster, ensuring QoS at any load
  • Unification of data, business logic and messaging services speeds up the entire process and eliminates intensive network utilization

Can your system handle changing, unpredictable volumes?

XAP provides linear scalability and high availability:

  • XAP dynamic SLA manager proactively provisions more resources as loads increase
  • Real-time synchronization and self-healing mechanism prevent cascading failure or data loss
  • Built-in alerting and monitoring provide production-grade control and visibility
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