Meet Cloudify

Pure-Play TOSCA-based Orchestration


Cloudify is an open source platform that automates and manages complex applications throughout their entire lifecycle. Thousands of organizations worldwide use Cloudify to monitor and scale their applications, regardless of their topology or technology stack. 




Use Cases

While Cloudify is a general purpose orchestration platform, it can serve many functions and wear many hats. See below the varied applications for Cloudify and the specific value it provides in each case.




How it Works


Cloudify is an orchestrator for apps on the cloud that will deploy, manage and scale the full application stack. The Cloudify manager processes the orchestration plans (aka: blueprints), monitors the state of the application and deploys agents that serve as execution units for carrying out the manager’s instructions. Cloudify’s open architecture allows you to create and use custom types, workflows and plugins to create an environment that works for you.


Cloudify Architecture



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Cloudify by GigaSpaces Overview