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Cloudify Editions

Free Open Source Edition

Download it. Fork it. Make it your own

Feature highlights:

  • TOSCA-based Orchestration
  • Network Orchestration
  • Docker Orchestration
  • Management & Monitoring
  • Extensible Policy Engine with Support for Auto-Scaling and Recovery
  • Support for Multiple IaaS Platforms
  • Integration with any tool chain, such as Chef, Puppet and others
  • Open, Pluggable Architecture

Special services packages are available to accompany the Free Edition.

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Premium Edition

Take it to the next level with Premium

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Premium Edition includes everything in the free edition, plus specific features for advanced deployments.

Feature highlights:

  • Enterprise-Grade Support
  • Advanced Management & Monitoring with Comprehensive Web UI
  • Blueprint Catalog
  • Premium Plugins
  • Advanced Blueprints


The cost of the Premium Edition is based on the number of VMs & support requirements of your organization. Fill in the contact form above to receive a quote.



Feature List

Feature Open Source Premium Availability
Rich modeling language implementing TOSCA simplified YAML profile      
Lightweight and isolated workflow engine for every deployment, allowing for both built-in and custom workflows      
Built-in Workflows for Deployment, Undeployment, Arbitrary command execution on deployed components Released
Collections of platform and application logs and metrics and their storage - based policy engine to ingest, process and make sense of metrics sent to the manager and trigger remediative actions on the application (typically by invoking the workflow engine)      
Comprehensive API with support for all Cloudify capabilities      
Simple CLI program that supports all of the REST API operations and capabilities      
OpenStack, CloudStack, AWS Plugins Released
Chef, Puppet, Docker, Fabric, SaltStack Plugins Released
Rich web user interface, including blueprint visualization, deployment creation, workflow execution and log aggregation. Also including built-in dashboarding screen using Grafana      
vSphere Plugin   Released
SoftLayer Plugin   Released
vCloud Plugin Released
Security - AuthN Released
Support for recovering the manager state and deployment related resources after failure / planned shutdown      
Using the manager recovery capability, this automates things by deploying a dedicated watchdog to start the manager automatically after failure      
Built-in Workflows for Healing and Scaling of Application Components Released
IPv6 Support 3.3
Support for roles and privileges      
Support for changing the topology of a deployed application without having to uninstall and install it again.      
Allows composition of blueprints using a visual web based drag and drop editor      
A manager blueprint that allows users to distribute the Cloudify manager components onto multiple hosts for scalability and resiliency      
Support for deploying applications on an AWS VPC environment      
Security - LDAP, OAuth2, Kerberos   3.3-3.4
Support for isolation between users belonging to different tenants working on the same manager and infrastructure.      
Support for hot manager failover to an alternate manager host      
A git-based catalog for managing and deploying Cloudify blueprints, supporting role-based access and permissions      
The ability to delegate deploy time decisions (e.g. VM placement, VM image, etc) to an external policy engine that will approve or reject a certain phase in a workflow      
24x7 support, access to core developers   All Versions
Hot patches, fixes and custom builds   All Versions
Product advisory program membership   All Versions


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