Cloudify for Azure makes it really easy to run enterprise-grade Java/Spring
applications on Windows Azure.

With this purpose in mind, four key goals were defined:

  • To enable users to easily deploy even the most complex Java apps onto Azure with zero code changes
  • To provide an enterprise-grade production environment for your Java app on Azure through continuous availability, elastic scalability, production ready management and monitoring, and fully automated deployment
  • To maximize the already powerful Azure platform capabilities with extremely tight integration
  • And lastly to leverage GigaSpaces decade of experience developing application platforms for large-scale, mission-critical Java applications.

So get started, it’s as easy as 1,2… (That's all it takes, there isn’t even a three!) learn how.

Key Values

On-board Spring/Java applications to Azure

Quickly and seamlessly, with no code change

Bring mission-critical and big-data applications to Azure

Cost-effectively process mass amounts of data

Gain extreme performance, low latency, and fine-grained multi-tenancy

With market-leading Java in-memory data grid

Elastic control & monitoring

Cluster-aware monitoring of the entire application stack in the dynamically changing cloud environment

Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Maintain your existing development practices

  • Support for any application stack


Cloudify Azure Overview