Cloudify for Azure makes it easy to run enterprise-grade Java/Spring applications on Windows Azure.

  • Easily deploy even the most complex Java apps onto Azure with zero code changes
  • Create an enterprise-grade production environment for your Java app on Azure through continuous availability, elastic scalability, production-ready management and monitoring and fully automated deployment
  • Maximize the already powerful Azure platform capabilities with extremely tight integration
  • Leverage GigaSpaces decade of experience developing application platforms for large-scale, mission-critical Java applications.


So get started, it’s as easy as 1,2… (That's all it takes, there isn’t even a three!)

1. Prepare a Blueprint.

A blueprint is an execution plan that automates configuration, deployment, monitoring and scaling of your entire application stack. Cloudify blueprints can automate any stack, and require zero changes to your application code. Common Java stacks, such as Spring, Tomcat, and AzureSQL have pre-prepared blueprints built in.

2. Deploy the Blueprint.

A single shell command deploys your blueprint to the Cloudify manager where the execution starts.

Leave the Rest to Us.

In just a few minutes, your application is up and running on Azure with the exact SLA and resources defined, enabling you to enjoy complete control and visibility of your production environment through the Cloudify management console and shell.

On-Boarding Flow

  • 1. Prepare Application
  • 2. Deploy Application
  • Result: Application Deployed Automatically

Orchestrate your apps on Azure cloud easily with Cloudify. Try it now.   

Key Values

On-board Spring/Java applications to Azure

Quickly and seamlessly, with no code change


Bring mission-critical and big data applications to Azure

Cost-effectively process mass amounts of data


Elastic control and monitoring

Cluster-aware monitoring of the entire application stack in the dynamically changing cloud environment



Avoid vendor lock-in

Maintain your existing development practices with supoprt for any application stack

Extreme performance, low latency, multi-tenancy

With market-leading Java in-memory data grid




Easy On-Boarding of Mission-Critical Java Apps to the Azure Cloud



Microsoft's Channel 9 - Building on Azure

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Cloudify Azure Overview