Got the massively multiplayer game blues because your gaming application platform can't handle traffic loads?

GigaSpaces XAP technology provides the infrastructure to enable the most massive multiplayer games for your online gaming site.

The main challenge facing online gaming providers is the user experience – players will abandon a site that is sluggish. So it comes down to how your application infrastructure performs – can it handle continual, massive increases in user traffic without slowing down? Can it dynamically create more game sessions? And how cumbersome and expensive is it to scale your system while still meeting regulatory requirements for storing game history?

GigaSpaces XAP can ensure you meet any customer traffic

GigaSpaces eXtreme Application Server (XAP) is a virtual application platform that enables you to develop, deploy, and manage your application, data, and messaging sevices with a single product.

Xap is the only Single-Product that provides true end-to-end scalability delivering:

  •    Dynamic provisioning to meet fluctuating loads
  •    High performance for latency-sensitive environments
  •    Continuous uptime/high availability through automatic failover and self-healing
  •    Cost efficiencies through maximum resource utilization, standard development and deployment
  •     environments,and advanced management tools


Writing vast amounts of data into a physical database is not feasible. Database licensing and maintenance are extremely costly.

XAP guarantees superior performance:

  • XAP can write hundreds of thousands of game moves per second using in-memory data partitioning
  • Hot backup is done in low latency and ensures High Availability and reliability
  • Self-healing mechanism automatically maintains your business continuity

Using BI patterns and trends to generate custom promotions is critical for customer retention. Getting that done in real time is impossible with traditional BI systems.

XAP has built-in parallel processing, enabling real-time personalization on a large scale:

  • Move your BI pattern recognition and reports to real time using XAP’s in-memory data grid
  • Use parallel queries and processing to dynamically render content from queries in super-speed

You have thousands of live users with millions of bets posted continually

  • XAP partitions and distributes your data. Use parallel processing to protect your casino in real time.

Hot backup mechanisms in 3-tier architecture are expensive and prone to fail

XAP is geared for High Availability:

  • Built-in redundancy, hot backup with real-time sync, smart load balancing, automatic failover, and self-healing guarantee zero downtime.
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