E-gaming use cases:

Improved lobby experience

  • Use continuous queries to update lobby with each game move
  • Each partition has co-located data and business logic

Social Lobby

  • Social context is critical for your business success. Your customers would like to meet their friends at your playing tables.
  • Use XAP’s scalable web layer to consume Facebook notifications
  • Enjoy XAP extreme data access speed to update and read player social context
  • Utilize parallel processing to enable your users to see which of their Facebook friends are now playing

Superior game experience

  • Store all casino game sessions in memory, partitioned by table and player
  • Keep player credit record per game to prevent contention
  • Use data aware tasks to efficiently operate game moves

Resilient casino (H/A, move to hot backup PUI)

  • Store game sessions and user accounts in memory partitions
  • Add one or more backup partitions for each active partition
  • XAP automatically deploys backups on different hosts and syncs with primary partitions
  • All data is manipulated in a transactional way and kept consistent

Casino cost-reduction

  • Reduce CAPEX on database licensing and storage. The RDBMS is now for archiving only, and not in the critical path, so fewer nodes are utilized and storage doesn’t have to be the fastest and most scalable
  • Reduce TCO and OPEX on electricity & cooling by scaling in and out according to peak hours
  • Reduce TCO by consolidating into a single platform and achieving better control and visibility


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