XAP for E-Commerce  

In E-commerce, traffic varies based on time of day, day of the week and season of the year, but constantly changing your IT infrastructure just to keep up is neither efficient nor cost effective. 
Meet the traffic any time of year with GigaSpaces’ XAP In-Memory Computing Platform. 





Guarantee a smooth, consistent customer experience, regardless of the amount of traffic on your site with an always-on infrastructure that will scale to your needs. 

• Dynamic provisioning for fluctuating loads 
• High performance for latency-sensitive 
• Continuous uptime/high availability through    
   automatic failover and self-healing 
• Cost effective resource utilization & 
   standardized management tools 




XAP enables your app to run entirely on a single platform with all the tiers collapsed into one container. The platform gives you fast data access by storing ALL your data in-memory, ensuring high availability and scaling your app automatically and on-demand. 
End-to-end elasticity enables all system components to scale as resource requirements increase.

During periods of peak load or through seasons of increased traffic, XAP dynamically expands your application onto additional physical resources – automatically and on-demand, to meet any SLA. Resiliency is guaranteed by in-memory backup within each container, and by mirroring data to a traditional database outside the runtime. 



Accommodating high volumes of traffic, managing complex multi-tier clusters, automating updates, avoiding sluggish
response times and improving conversion rates, all while reducing costs –
sounds like a toll order?

Meet the rising challenges in E-commerce IT
with XAP In-Memory Computing:


Increased Traffic 

XAP Ensures Linear Scalability: 
  • • In-memory data partitioning enables unlimited load-balancing 
  • • Elastic provisioning of resources lets you scale up/scale down as needed 

Downtime or Sluggish Site Response Times 

XAP Ensures Quick Roll-Out of New Features: 
  • • Rich support of document-based schema for flexibility 
  • • Dynamic code deployment for continuous feature roll-out with no need to undeploy 

Downtime or Sluggish Site Response Times 

XAP is Designed for High Availability: 
  • • Hot backup – real-time sync with backup nodes 
  • • Built-in monitoring and recovery mechanism 
  • • Archives data to any data source 
  • • Fully transactional – keeps data consistent 

Real-Time Content 

XAP Provides Superior Performance: 
  • • In-memory data: no physical DB in runtime stack; no physical I/O, no tier hops 
  • • Parallel processing – no joins, increased efficiency 
  • • Data-aware routing & multi indexing – faster queries, reduced contention 


Use Cases  

Hundreds of enterprises worldwide use XAP to manage their business critical applications, with several in the E-commerce industry

Serve Black Friday traffic 

  • • Automatically provision web containers as traffic grows 
  • • Dynamically move application partitions across hosts to handle load 
  • • Use data-aware load balancing for maximizing processing efficiency 
  • • Let hot backup prevent cascading failure 

Fast product search  

  • • Partition catalog and BI data and co-locate with business logic 
  • • Index all searchable dimensions 
  • • Use map/reduce for cross-partition searches 

Deploying new social shopping features  

  • • Use document-based schema to seamlessly update your data model
  • • Enhance scalability by embedding relationships and avoiding heavy relational queries 
  • • Use dynamic code capabilities to deploy new logic without downtime


Social graph: Educate buyer about products purchased/recommended by friends; Enable users to share purchase information with friends 

  • • Use recursive series of parallel queries to get the user’s friends, and friends of friends (up to desired depth), instead of heavy join-based query on physical DB 
  • • Partition users in-memory to assure local fast queries and load balance

Real-time personalized dynamic content rendering  

  • • Load balance web layer 
  • • Parallel rendering of dynamic content – Use map/reduce to avoid joins, and process multiple queries simultaneously 


Elastic Application Platform for E-Commerce